Say goodbye to cookie cutter hotels


If you are ever travelling in Portland, New York, Seattle or Palm Springs, try staying at the Ace Hotel. The Ace Hotel is not your standard cookie cutter hotel. There are no tacky carpets, curtains or weird outdated wallpaper. Instead, the Ace Hotel brings in local artists and manufacturers to give the space a little local flavour. The walls are covered in graphics and murals, one of which is a giant cat staring out at you from across the room. The Portland location has it’s hallway lit by Edison light fixtures pulled from School House Electric, a 150 year old Oregon company. Even the door room numbers were created by a local company that produces U.S. army dog tags.

The Ace hotel is a home away from home for the bohemian crowd. It might not be as polished as some hotels, but the character built into the design more than makes up for it. Designers brought in mismatched, unique furniture, designed desks from salvaged materials, and made side tables out of just about anything, including stacks of books and wooded crates. Each room has its own look and feel so each time you stay it will be a different experience.

(images from Ace Hotel)