Romantic Boho Apartment


We’ve been very busy with new updates and changes to Olioboard and so I’ve been finding it hard to squeeze in a little time to be creative and design some new Olioboards. I’d been itching to get back at it and so here is a look at my latest board – a Romantic Boho apartment.

I think the most enticing aspect of bohomian is the blending of a variety of styles and era’s into one. It’s laid back, easy going and still holds a stylish appeal. This is a slightly different take on the bohemian style which is usually loaded with punchy, bold colours. I recently purchased a book called the Simple Home – Calm Spaces for Comfortable Living and it pretty much sums up how I would love to decorate my entire home.

“The Simple Home is all about keeping things plain and neutral – it is a chance to get back to basics, to consider ideals of good design and the forgotten traditions of craftsmanship and then think how they can be adapted to a more modern approach.” – Mark & Sally Bailey. I had this book in the back of my mind when I started creating this board, hence the neutral colour scheme, natural wooden accents and reclaimed pieces.

If you like simple designs, clutter free living spaces and being surrounded by natural elements, this is a great book to pick up.