Put your design skills to the challenge on Olioboard

Does the word redecorating make you giddy with excitement? Do you lose all track of time when browsing home decor stores? Do you wish you could change up the rooms in your house over and over again. If this sounds like you, go to olioboard and enter into our weekly design challenges.

We currently have 2 design challenges calling your name. Can you hear them?

If you’re loving the bird trend that has taken over the world, you’re sure to love our Spectacled Owl Inspired Library Design Challenge suggested by olioboard member, annebirds. Your goal is to design a library or reading room inspired by the colors and feather patterns of the Spectacled Owl. If you need a little inspiration, flick through the widget below to see some fantastic designs currently entered in the challenge.

If birds aren’t your thing, enter the Red Room Design Challenge and help a 13 year old girl and her mother come to an agreement on the design of her room. She desperately wants a red room but her mother finds it too intense. Your job is to create a design for this room that both mother and daughter can enjoy. Just a heads up, she is not a fan of yellow, pink or flowers.

You can view an image of her current bedroom here to get a better idea of the space you are designing for.

Here’s a collection of the boards already entered:

Happy Easter and Happy Olioboarding!