Perfectly Planted: Stylish Plant Displays

Hand crafted in Italy, each of these gorgeous anthropomorphic planters are one of a kind. Designer Matteo Cibic refers to his little creations as a tamgochi for your table. They are made of hand cast ceramic and mouth blown glass.

A design by Argentina-based kuku, the Potus Pot recycled light bulb vase is an eye-catching, handcrafted vase made from a re-purposed incandescent bulb. Each hand-crafted Potus Pot comes complete with a simple OSB base and packaging reused from the original light bulb. It’s green and stylish. Doesn’t get much better than that!

I am completely in love with these bud vases from designer cynthiavardhan on Etsy. They look great displayed individually or in a group setting. The colors used in these pieces may include peacock teal, orange, red, pink, royal blue, greens, yellow, cream, and white.

The vases are made from a proprietary fine translucent porcelain that she formulated and mixes herself. If you raise one to a lamp, you can see light coming through the piece. The pigmented slip is applied through a needle-like tool in a precise and clean pattern which requires both skill, time, and years of practice.

Another great collection of vases found on Etsy. This time by designer dahlhaus. This new striped collection of ceramics has been glazed by hand with lovely and rounded stripes on each side. It works great with a few blooms or none at all.

These ceramic hanging air plant pods were designed specifically for air plants (Tillandsia) after designer mudpuppy discovered that tillandsias will not survive in standing water. Each pod is covered inside and out with a gorgeous glossy white glaze and comes with a natural hemp cord, all ready to hang. Because they are high fired, you can hang them outdoors as well, but make sure to bring your air plants inside during cooler temperatures.

These adorable and colourful hand crocheted plant cozies were wet felted, dried around a mold and then steam blocked. The process of felting causes it to shrink into a tight fabric. They are perfect as a catch-all for your knick-knack stash or for holding a 4″ potted plant. Don’t worry about the felt getting wet, it comes with a shallow plastic liner to catch any drips.

This is a super cute way to add a little colour to any room or table setting. Great for table decorations for weddings, baby showers or dinner parties. Create little toothpick signs and use the egg of grass to hold your name place cards!