High or Low. Get the look you want at the price you want


Magazines have been creating High / Low spreads for a long time now, showing you the looks you can achieve with dramatically different price tags. The problem is, it’s not always the look you are after. This prompted me to do a little experiment on Olioboard, to see if I could create a look that I actually want and replicate it at a significantly reduced cost.

On the right you have the original look. On the left you have a similar look at a fraction of the cost. What do you think? Worth the $1660.00 savings or not? I’d have to say YES!

Olioboard is the best resource for experimenting with something like this. You can drag multiple options on the board, view the similarities, check pricing and narrow down to your preferred options. In the very near future, this will be even easier with the launch of our new budget tool. Keep posted for more details. :)

From now on, this is exactly how I am going to approach any home purchases / design projects. It is amazing what you can achieve and (more importantly) what you can save, by taking a little extra time to browse your options – especially when all the browsing pricing, sourcing etc.. can happen in one, easy online location. Happy Olioboarding!