Day 6: Mod Red Living Room


If you have seen my moodboards on Olioboard, you know that the style I most enjoy is a combination of classic and rural rustic. My colour schemes, more often then not, include muted colours, neutrals, or soft pastels. Today I thought I’d step out of my comfort zone and create something a little different.

I think the secret to pulling off a bold colour scheme, is to allow one colour to be the punchy accent and incorporate other colours and tones that compliment it. The pale blue and grey tones, pulled from the multi-coloured throw pillow, allow the tomatoe red colour to steal the spotlight. I have also included minor hits of chartreuse. It’s enough to give the room an added level of visual interest, but not enough to fight for colour dominance.

The majority of the items in this board have simple, clean lines and solid coloured fabrics to compliment the modern style. I’m loving the knitted poufs and the archive credenza from CB2. I also like the slight retro vibe in this board, coming from the table legs, colour scheme and the Knoll Saarinen Executive Armchair designed by Eero Saarinen from his 1957 collection.