Day 3: Sunny Farmhouse Entrance and Hallway


Today’s design is for the front entrance of an old farmhouse. I grew up on a horse farm just north of Toronto before eventually moving to Vancouver. I recently went back for a short vacation to visit family and friends. Being back on the farm is always a good experience and one that I find I am missing more and more. With the farm on my mind, it seemed fitting to design today’s space around that.

I love the idea of re-using old barn boards to create doors, stairs and furniture. Not just any barn boards, but boards from the farm I grew up on. I still have plans to make a coffee table with my dad out of the large barn beams in the old, nearly fallen down, drive shed. It’s a comforting feeling to have a piece of your past wherever you go.

The whole design started from the collection of yellow picture frames I found on Olioboard, uploaded by one of our many stylish members. These frames don’t even require artwork, they look fantastic as is. I worked off of the sunny, yellow picture frames and started to incorporate nature inspired accents. The simple floral and insect prints of the accent pillows and animal inspired coat hooks, fit perfectly into the farm theme.

I’m a big fan of simple glass pendant’s, especially for country and cottage designs. The Edison style lightbulb in this fixture makes it feel like it has been there for ages. I continued with the glass accents and used bell jars and mason jars to display the plants. The rest of the design came together through white bead board and antique styled furniture. I hope you like it!

I’d love to hear how your childhood home has inspired your current design aesthetic.