Colour schemes made easy with Adobe Kuler


Sometimes the hardest part of designing a space is simply trying to nail down the right colour scheme. It can take a little while to really find a scheme you enjoy and colours that compliment each other in unexpected ways.

Insert Adobe Kuler here. Adobe Kuler is a web application for generating colour themes that can inspire any project. No matter what space you’re planning, with Kuler you can experiment quickly with colour variations and browse thousands of themes from their community.

So, if you are like me and sometimes get stumped on colour, try it out. I’ve found kuler to be very helpful when creating Olioboards.

Here’s some tips on how to use the two apps together:

1) Open a colour schemer tool like Kuler
2) Select a theme that you like as a starting point
3) Use the colour filters during item search on olioboard
4) Create a set with items that fit your chosen colour scheme
5) Jump to the editor and have fun bringing your olioboard together

Below are a couple other tips to keep in mind when creating a colour scheme.

You should always incorporate a little black or brown in your design to help the other colours pop. Depending on your colour scheme black might be a bit harsh. In these cases try using brown to achieve the same affect.

When choosing a colour scheme, choose one colour to be your bold statement and make sure the other colours in your scheme act as accents instead of fighting for the lime light. Too many bold colour choices create a busy and confusing look, detracting from the overall feel of the space.

Hope this helps!

Which tools do you use when deciding the colour scheme of a project??

(images: Adobe Kuler)