Coastal Cottage Kitchen


Hey everyone, by now you have seen 6 of the Coastal Cottage Challenge Designs. Big thanks to all the lovely ladies that chose to participate. Check in tomorrow at any of the seven participating blogs for a detailed follow up of the challenge.

Today I get to post my design of a coastal cottage kitchen. For any of you that have seen my designs on Olioboard, you know I’m a big fan of turquoise and cool calming colours. If I had my very own sea side escape, this is how I would picture my kitchen.

I am and always will be, a big fan of white cabinets in kitchen spaces. I love the bright, fresh look they provide. The splash of colour on the inside of the glass upper cabinets adds a cozy, personal touch. With loads of white in the space I opted to bring in some nice warm wood tones in the counter top and flooring choices. The worn down look of the floor helps infuse a bit of age and character to the space.

The pendant is definitely one of my favourite pieces. I have used it before in my moodboard designs and I will likely use it again. It’s just such a great match for a cottage, or farmhouse design, both of which are my preferred styles. Anything with a bit of age and character tends to catch my eye.

A little while back we had a challenge on Olioboard to design a kitchen space for one of our members. In that challenge I designed a space with a large window seat. I loved it so much I added one to this design. The fun fabrics and printed pillows in the moodboard are all for that window seat. It just seems like the ideal spot to sit and relax with a cup of coffee while watching the waves against the beach.

The rest of the design was pulled together with great accessories, like the beachy glass bottles, the mason jar plant pots, beautiful ceramics from Heath Ceramics, and the cottage style chairs. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

Don’t forget to check in tomorrow at any of the seven blogs for the final wrap up.