The Holiday Style File OlioHop Round Up

By Lynda Quintero Davids from Focal Point Blog

This is just one of many boards created by Lynda for our Holiday Style File Blog Hop. If you have not yet seen her post, it is a must see. Not only did she create a number of simply gorgeous moodboards, but she’s also a DIY encyclopedia when it comes to fantastic holiday decorating tips. One of my favourites is the knit candle cozy made from a leg warmer. There is no way you are leaving that post without a handful of great holiday projects. View Her Post

By Andie Day from Andie Day LifeStyle Blog

Andie throws tradition to the wind with her Oliohop design and we are loving her for it. The bright colours and slick modern furniture provide a fun and relaxed environment that is perfect for entertaining. Hands down, the show stopping piece in this design has to be the Boca Do Lobo Oporto Cabinet. Intricately designed, this cutting edge piece was inspired by the city of Porto and the rhythmic undulating of its black slate roof tops and building facades. Through reflection ingredients such as decontextualization, irony, drama and extravagance were added and Oporto came to life. The cabinet is sheathed in individual scales which are finished in a silver leaf with a high gloss varnish. Its doors feature openings which are spanned with a metal mesh. View Her Post

By Tobi Fairley from Tobi Fairley Blog

From tree decorating, to baking, to table top decor and gift wrapping, Tobi covers everything you will need to know about decorating for the holidays. We loved seeing the combination of Tobi’s and her mother’s distinct design styles sitting side by side in this blog post. Design sense just runs wild in their family. Be sure to check out the pink Christmas tree with the super cute monkey ornaments. View Her Post

By Jane Gianarelli from Embrace Your Inner Snob

If you are looking to make a big statement on a modest budget, check out Jane’s blog post. Using great paint colours, she is able to create a unified pretty in pastel table top design. As Jane shows us, you can paint pretty much anything from pearl necklaces, to books, to dishware and more. Start thinking outside of the box with Jane and you will be surprised at what you can achieve on a modest budget.

What we are loving the most in Jane’s Olioboard design is her fantastic idea of adding close-up’s to show the details in the items. What a great way to highlight products and their interesting qualities. View Her Post

By Sarah Gunn from Yummy Mummy Club

Looks like robin egg blue is a popular colour this season. We saw it in Jane’s post above and Sarah shows us a cute combination of robin egg blue and red for this adorable nursery design. This is one of my favourite colour combinations that works perfectly into the holidays. The knit poufs, cute kiddy pillows and artwork make this a comfortable and loving nursery design. View Her Post

By Lisa Mende from Lisa Mende Design

We are excited to welcome Lisa Mende, winner of the High Point Market Style Spotter Contest to our Holiday Style Oliohop. Lisa is no slouch when it comes to great holiday decorating tips. This masculine design is one small part of her fantastic blog post and you will definitely want to check out her design for the ladies. Lisa’s holiday tips include eveything from shopping for ribbon to create cohesive and beautiful colour schemes, to accent pillows, scents, fires and more. Lisa helps us create the full holiday experience by catering to all five senses. View Her Post

By Allie Phillips from Allie Cat 4 Ever

Allie is currently a student at Sheffield Design school but we have a feeling this lady will have no problems landing clients when she graduates. Allie has been a long time Olioboard member who just continually blows us away with her design abilities and she continues to do so in this blog post. While we are loving the olioboard above, there is much more to see over at her blog. Be sure to click through for beautiful designs including the following colour schemes: all white, icy blue and our favourite the black and white holiday colour theme. View Her Post

By Jennifer Reynolds from Jennifer Reynolds Interiors

It is official, red and teal are the trending holiday colours. In this great post, Jennifer shows us how to take what we already have and make small changes to tie in the holiday spirit. As Jennifer shows us, gift wrapping paper and ribbons are not just for wrapping presents. We love how she uses wrapping paper on her books to dress up bookcases and tie the holiday theme into unexpected places. View Her Post

Kimberly Ward from Pink EggShell

A mix of metallics and festive star burst mirrors are perfect for holiday decor. Sometimes simple and classic colour schemes are what it’s all about and Kimberly proves it with her festive design. Nothing says Christmas more than traditional red and white but the minimal style brings in a modern touch. A simply decorated Christmas tree and solid white gift wrap paper with oversized red ribbons blend in beautifully for a clean festive look. What we love is the little touch of gold to make the whole room sparkle. View Her Post

Leigh-Ann Allaire from Benjamin Moore’s Colour Chats Blog

For all ice princes and princesses. Leigh-Ann’s design plays off of the season and brings the outside in for a beautiful icy blue design. This is a perfect example of how you can take various shades of colour and mix and match them to create a beautiful monotone colour scheme. The snowflake strands that hang down the floor to ceiling glass wall, work perfectly with the outside in theme. View Her Post

Learn About Design From A to Z with Tobi Fairley’s Design Camp


If you love design, it just doesn’t get better than practical training in creating gorgeous interiors AND schmoozing with the design elite at the same time. We are very proud to be sponsoring Tobi’s Design Camps where attendee’s learn invaluable tips and tricks to help them succeed in design and with their own interior design businesses.

This three day design camp starting Nov 7th will be no different. Check out the amazing line up of speakers and giveaways.

Designer and friend of Tobi’s, Amanda Nisbet is coming to camp! Amanda is an amazing interior designer who creates interiors with lots of energy that feel fresh and cleverly-layered. Amanda also has her own line of textiles (available through Holland & Sherry showrooms, Harbinger (L.A.), Travis (ATL), and Tigger Hall (Australia)), a lighting collection with The Urban Electric Co., and two rug collections (!!!). She’s received a TON of attention around her signature aesthetic, including publication in House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Veranda, Coastal Living, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Oprah At Home! There’s been a boost in the buzz lately surrounding the release of her beautiful new book, Dazzling Design. Amanda is not only a brilliant designer but a savvy business woman learn from.

All attendees of this camp will receive a signed copy of Amanda’s book as a special gift.

Another speaker attending this round of Design Camp AtoZ is the wonderful Scot Meacham. Wood. You probably already follow Scot’s wildly popular blog, The Adventures of Tartan Scot. He’s a tartan lover, a runner, and he collects antique china. He will be speaking specifically about his technique of choosing finishes for a room, so that things stay layered and diverse without getting distracting and chaotic.

As design enthusiasts, many of you are interested in and want the scoop on High Point Market. Look no further because Cheminne Taylor, the Vice President of Marketing at the High Point Market Authority is coming to camp. You’re not likely to meet anyone more familiar with the design industry from ALL angles. She has over two decades of experience in home furnishings, as well as experience working with Margaret Russell at Elle Decor.

Interior designer Kathryn Greeley will also be leading the campers in search of the state’s finest pieces AGAIN! Kathryn is known for her passion for entertaining and for creating and displaying magnificent collections, through her features on the Tobi Fairley blog and on the pages of Traditional Home, on Martha Stewart Radio and on P. Allen Smith’s radio show. Attendees of camp will get her expert advice on how and where to find the antique pieces that will make their room look “collected, not decorated.” All who attend the Antique Trip will also receive a signed copy of her book, The Collected Tabletop!

What a line up. We could not be happier to be participating as a sponsor and to show our support of the camps, all attendee’s will also receive 6 months free use of the Olioboard Pro Plan.

To those attending this camp, we are sure you are going to have a blast and find invaluable information to help you and your design business grow. If you didn’t get a chance to attend this camp, don’t worry, there are more to come. You might even find yourself a chance to win a spot at one of Tobi’s camps in the very near future if you follow along with Olioboard. Keep your ears and eyes open for more on this amazing opportunity.

To learn much more about the content of this crash-course in the basics of interior design, CLICK HERE. It has been a major motivator and source of inspiration to design professionals and enthusiasts alike!

Man Cave Design Part 2

Named: Feeling and Courage by Mirella Parer

Olioboard is sizzling with activity for their Spirit of Sports fun Man Cave contest! There are so many imaginative and creative man caves being created, all vying for three cash prizes!

The details in the mood boards are fantastic – snacks on tables, cool lighting, interesting backdrops such as brick walls, pool tables, and many more interesting, fun, and relevant decorative details. What makes a man cave both comfortable and energizing to a sports nut? Use these design and decoration tips to capture the perfect sports vibe. Olioboard’s design tools bring these rooms to life in a way that allows you to clearly visualize exactly what the cave (or any room) will look like fully designed.

Named: Gentleman, Start your Engines! by akdunlap

What’s a man cave without artwork of sports in all its glory? Artwork of famous sports figures, the finish of the race, a moment in sport frozen in time; these, and other illustrations of sports art, give a man cave focus and energy…and spirit! You don’t want to have to explain, “…and this is the man cave.” A few pieces of artwork illustrating sports in motion communicates the perfect mood to those who enter the cave. The energy in the room at once prepares the man and his guests to be ready to catch the perfect play on the big screen.

While artwork is the immediate message of the room’s purpose, the furnishings should reflect the man! Depending on where the cave is located, if it is situated on another level of the home away from the other public rooms, then decorate for the man and his interests. Bold colors? Go for it. Over-the-top furniture and materials? Why not?

Named: Spirit of The Sport by Laura Callias

If the man cave resides next to the dining room or other main floor public rooms, compromise and collaboration (with the woman of the house and/or decorator) is a must. Comfortable seating (preferably in easy care materials) for 3-plus hour games which includes pre and post entertaining is the core of man cave design. The size of the TV and viewing distance as well as speaker types and locations from that super comfortable man cave seating should be coordinated according to specifications.

Named: A Relaxed Retreat by Julie Browning Bova Interior Design

Designing cabinetry for the man cave to house a host of audio and visual equipment can clearly express a more substantial or masculine feeling in the room. Deep, rich wood tones, beams, wood paneled walls can communicate a sense of masculinity. The design theme of the man cave can reflect modern design, a gentleman’s quarters, industrial chic or any style that suits the man. Built ins within the man cave may also include one of the most desired elements, a built in bar. The bar design may include a wine and/or beverage refrigerator, beer tapping equipment, and ample storage for glasses, bar tools and serving dishes.

Having several different areas of gathering spots within the man cave such as a bar, comfortable seating, a pool table, dining table and/or other spots to hang out will give the man just what he needs to authentically express his masculinity!

Named: Literary Mantuary by Lynda Quintero Davids

And one more very stunning man cave…

Named: Sophisticated Man Cave For All To Enjoy by Selma Hammer Designs

About the Author:

Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS is a designer of kitchens, baths, media rooms and other rooms in the home. President of Susan Serra Associates, Inc., Scandinavian Made and Bornholm Kitchen, Susan’s blog, The Kitchen Designer,, is the #1 blog on kitchen design by a professional kitchen designer. A go-to source for the media on kitchen design, Serra is a kitchen designer, writer, industry consultant, speaker, and her insight and work has appeared in countless national online and print publications over the years. Susan thinks about kitchens…a lot.

How to Use Olioboard’s New Pro Plan to Your Advantage

Hello everyone. I hope your week has been a good one so far! We are so pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Pro Plan and we’re even happier to see many of you already making use of this great new feature.

I thought I’d take some time today to show you how you can use the new Text tool, Color tool and Budget tool to not only help you in the design process, but also to help promote your business. I think you’ll find that each of these new tools will significantly help save you time and money. Plus, they are sooo fun to use!


Click on the image for the full tutorial

While the screen above gives you some tips on how to use the new text tool, it’s the moodboard below that shows you how to use it to your benefit. Lynda Quintero-Davids from Focal Point Blog is one of the many members on Olioboard that is putting these tools to use to help promote her brand and business. We’ll be interviewing her early next week so make sure to stop by for tips from Lynda on creating visually impactful olioboards.

You can use the text tool to add a graphic touch with bold titles or to add your company logo and contact information, making it easy for others to find your business. You can also use the tool to simply add notes about your design. Let’s say you want a specific chair reupholstered in a certain fabric, now you can make note directly on your board for youself or your client.

The text tool isn’t just for notes and contact info. Use it during the creative process as well to create bold accent walls covered in brightly coloured text, or create art pieces to add a graphic element to the space. The tool is there for you, so get creative and you’ll find it will be extremely helpful in creating even more in depth and stunning moodboards.

Olioboard by Lynda Quintero-Davids


Aside from the text tool, our new colour scheme tool was one of the most requested additions from our members. With colour playing such an important role in interior design we were happy to act on this request.

Using the colour tool you can create colour schemes of up to six swatches. It’s as simple as dragging a swatch from the right side panel onto the board and mixing and matching colours until you are happy with the result. You can also scale and rotate your colour scheme to fit anywhere inside your Olioboard.

Last but definitely not least, we are working with a very special brand to get you real paint colours to experiment with very, very shortly. Keep your eye open for future updates!

Click on the image for the full colour tutorial


The new budget calculator will be a tremendous help in saving you time and money. Each time you drag an item onto your board the total cost of the item is tallied and added to the total cost of the design. With this tool you can not only keep yourself on budget, but you can compare costs on similar looking items to get the best bang for your buck. With over 150,000 products on Olioboard, you can save yourself or your clients thousands of dollars. It’s basically your own personal game of high vs low. Pull similar looking items onto your board and get the look you want for the price you want.

The screen below shows a variety of products with a similar look. Each product is listed in the budget tool so you can compare the price. I’ve highlighted the lower costs in the tool so you can see how much you can save.

Well that about does it for today. I hope this has been a helpful post and if you have any questions at all just leave a comment so that all readers can learn from your question.

Bye for now!

New Save Draft and Publish Buttons. Here’s how to use them


We have decided to bring down the sign up wall to allow people to create an Olioboard before creating an account. That means that you no longer have to name your board prior to creating it. We still need you to give your board a name in order to save it so we provided a quick save option with the “Save Draft” button.

The “Save Draft” button will save a private version of your board that you can continue to work on. Once you are happy with the look of your board and would like to share it with the community, click the “Publish” button. This will open a lightbox where you can finalize your board by adding a description, tags, etc…

A published board is a public board so if you want to keep your work private, just continue to use the save draft button.

There you have it. We feel these changes will help encourage others to try for the first time.

If you have any questions or thoughts on this new addition, please feel free to contact me at or leave a comment here. I’m happy to hear your thoughts and answer your questions.

Happy Olioboarding!

6 Steps to Successfully Design a Space: Step 6 – Bringing it All Together


Now that we are at the final step, it’s time to bring everything together from the 5 previous stages. Grab the items you chose to keep and the ones you plan on altering. Pull out the floor plans. Open up your Olioboard account and view the items you collected. Print them out if it helps. Gather any floor, paint, fabric and other samples you collected. Tape that budget to the wall and keep referring to it. Get it all into one room, spread it out and take a good look.

How does everything work together? Do you have bold patterns competing with each other? Should you consider adding more solid fabrics for a bit of balance? If you love the wallpaper you have chosen, but you can’t afford to cover all the walls, maybe create a fantastic accent wall instead. This step will take some time to really narrow everything down to the best possible collection and you’ll probably still make a number of hard decisions before finalizing on your design. Take deep breaths and don’t put to much pressure on yourself to get everything finished as quickly as possible. Instead, set yourself a design schedule. It will help keep you on track, while breaking the process down into achievable steps.

Set aside days for painting, ordering items, laying floor, etc… When you only have one or two tasks to complete within a day, everything will seem much more manageable.

I don’t know about you, but when I get to physically scratch something off my to do list, I feel ten times happier. It’s a weird sense of accomplishment and helps me feel like I am moving forward.

That’s it for this series — I hope these six steps will help you in approaching your next design project. Good luck and happy designing!

6 Steps to Successfully Design a Space: Step 2 – Name Your Style


I know this is a step that many people may find kind of cheesy and silly, but you would be amazed at how much it can help you out. It’s especially good for curbing those impulse buys. Sure that table is beautiful, but will it fit into your overall design? Is it something you are going to love for years to come? If not, leave it in the store and save your money.

The easiest way to determine your style is to look through your collection of items and make a list of descriptive words that match what you have. Continue to narrow down those words to a select few that describe the majority of your collection. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one word. It could be a combination of words like, Bold Bohemian with a touch of Modern. It’s up to you.

I myself love creating olioboards for various styles, but when it really comes down to it, I prefer a more relaxed lived in look over anything else. I love items with a bit of wear and tear over the latest modern designs. More than anything, I want people to be able to come over and feel like they don’t have to watch where they sit or where they put down their glass. I guess I would consider my personal style to be, Rustic Farmhouse with a Modern and Romantic twist.

You’ll find that your style is most likely going to change through the years, so it’s a good idea to revisit this step from time to time and re-evaluate what makes you tick.