Design 14: Lime Green Patio


I saw this vertical garden in an email from House and Home and thought it would be a great starting point for a fun patio design. Using the wall garden as inspiration, I went with a colour scheme that, for me, just screams summer. I love the natural wood tones against the crisp whites and lively pops of green.

It’s a relatively simple design, brought to life with fun, lively patterns and great accessories. My favourites are definitely the snug martian dining table and the paper cloud petunias field place mats, which I think, looks like a bunch of cucumber slices. Anyone else? Either way, petunias or cucumber slices, they works for me.

Design 13: Urban Country Living Room


This is my take on the urban country style. A mix of modern and vintage furnishings with a crisp, clean approach and a touch of the unexpected. My design has also picked up a bit of an industrial feel along the way, which I think, compliments the style.

I’ve also been making designs that I would consider to be fairly feminine, so today’s post has taken on a more masculine feel. My boyfriend has claimed it to be his favourite of all the posts so far, so I must be on the right path. :)

Design 12: Bathroom Escape


Hey guys, I could use an opinion on today’s bathroom design. I can’t decide between the two vanities. On the one hand, the white vanity with plenty of storage works well within the design. I love the marble countertop and you can always use storage space in a bathroom. However, I really love how the silver legs of the second vanity works perfectly with the silver reflective bathtub. No storage, but style wise, I think it’s a better fit. What do you think?

Day 11: Retro Inspired Living Room


Retro seems to be the theme of my weekend. First a cozy tea nook for two and now a living room inspired by the same era. I’ve had plenty of items to choose from, since retro inspired decor has been making a comeback for a few years now.

I think one of the easiest ways to channel a look from the mid-twentieth century is through the use of colour. The palette used in this olioboard is a throw back to popular colours from that era. You can also try using candy apple red, aqua and hits of chrome to achieve a retro vibe.

To complete the look, try using furniture with angled, tapered, circular legs as seen on the Knoll Armchair and sofa. Also, take some time to find accents with a bit of retro flare like the glass shade tripod lamp, Eames Lounge Chair and playful, retro patterns.

The hardest thing to do when creating a design like this, is to not go overboard. Every item in the room does not have to be from or inspired by the particular era. Just get a few key pieces and a great colour scheme and you’re good to go.

Day 10: Tea For Two


I picture this as a nook off the kitchen area or perhaps a small built in porch with large windows. There’s not much to it. Just a couple of chairs, a table to put your mug down, some great accessories and a good conversation. This cozy, retro inspired nook is the perfect place to grab a friend or family member and spend a sunday afternoon chatting the hours away.

Day 9: Bright, Colourful Kitchen


If the kitchen is the heart of the home, it might as well be bright and cheerful. This space is the place to go if you are feeling down trodden.

I was browsing the olioboard library today and found the dining chairs in every colour. They worked so well together, I thought, why choose only one. From there, the design exploded into a bright, fun colour palette with bold patterns. I love this kitchen. Happiness is colour, and LOTS of it.

Day 8: Taking it Up a Notch in Style


I’m aiming a little higher up on the style ladder for this design. Lots of sparkle, fine details, rich fabrics and classic shapes. I’m not really the glamourous kind of girl, but I think if I woke up in this room every day, I might just start to change my mind. I think a room like this can give you a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Definitely not a bad way to start your day. :)

Day 7: Romantic Blue and White Bedroom


Day seven and the design of the day is… a romantic coastal bedroom.

The idea for this space is for people to see the colours of the beach when they step into the room. The earthy browns and tans pull from the colour of sand on the beach while the deep blue brings the ocean indoors. It is meant to feel like the perfect, relaxing and romantic getaway.

What I really enjoy is the contrast of the crisp white bedding against the more rustic pieces and the various textures that give the room some depth. You probably recognize the decorative bowl wall art from the last post. They fit perfectly into this design so I decided to reuse them.

How would you decorate your perfect getaway?

Day 6: Mod Red Living Room


If you have seen my moodboards on Olioboard, you know that the style I most enjoy is a combination of classic and rural rustic. My colour schemes, more often then not, include muted colours, neutrals, or soft pastels. Today I thought I’d step out of my comfort zone and create something a little different.

I think the secret to pulling off a bold colour scheme, is to allow one colour to be the punchy accent and incorporate other colours and tones that compliment it. The pale blue and grey tones, pulled from the multi-coloured throw pillow, allow the tomatoe red colour to steal the spotlight. I have also included minor hits of chartreuse. It’s enough to give the room an added level of visual interest, but not enough to fight for colour dominance.

The majority of the items in this board have simple, clean lines and solid coloured fabrics to compliment the modern style. I’m loving the knitted poufs and the archive credenza from CB2. I also like the slight retro vibe in this board, coming from the table legs, colour scheme and the Knoll Saarinen Executive Armchair designed by Eero Saarinen from his 1957 collection.

Day 5: Bright Sunny Yellow Patio


Today I bought the flowers and plants needed to spruce up my back patio. Normally I’m a sucker for a soft purple and white colour scheme, but this year I switched it up and went with a bright white and yellow palette. This design is what I would love my finished back patio to look like. Favourites in this design would have to be the gorgeous Carlin Fruitwood Pendant, the fun yellow dining chair and the bold collection of patterned fabrics.

Love to hear how you plan on setting the stage for the outdoor summer season!