The Holiday Style File OlioHop Round Up

By Lynda Quintero Davids from Focal Point Blog

This is just one of many boards created by Lynda for our Holiday Style File Blog Hop. If you have not yet seen her post, it is a must see. Not only did she create a number of simply gorgeous moodboards, but she’s also a DIY encyclopedia when it comes to fantastic holiday decorating tips. One of my favourites is the knit candle cozy made from a leg warmer. There is no way you are leaving that post without a handful of great holiday projects. View Her Post

By Andie Day from Andie Day LifeStyle Blog

Andie throws tradition to the wind with her Oliohop design and we are loving her for it. The bright colours and slick modern furniture provide a fun and relaxed environment that is perfect for entertaining. Hands down, the show stopping piece in this design has to be the Boca Do Lobo Oporto Cabinet. Intricately designed, this cutting edge piece was inspired by the city of Porto and the rhythmic undulating of its black slate roof tops and building facades. Through reflection ingredients such as decontextualization, irony, drama and extravagance were added and Oporto came to life. The cabinet is sheathed in individual scales which are finished in a silver leaf with a high gloss varnish. Its doors feature openings which are spanned with a metal mesh. View Her Post

By Tobi Fairley from Tobi Fairley Blog

From tree decorating, to baking, to table top decor and gift wrapping, Tobi covers everything you will need to know about decorating for the holidays. We loved seeing the combination of Tobi’s and her mother’s distinct design styles sitting side by side in this blog post. Design sense just runs wild in their family. Be sure to check out the pink Christmas tree with the super cute monkey ornaments. View Her Post

By Jane Gianarelli from Embrace Your Inner Snob

If you are looking to make a big statement on a modest budget, check out Jane’s blog post. Using great paint colours, she is able to create a unified pretty in pastel table top design. As Jane shows us, you can paint pretty much anything from pearl necklaces, to books, to dishware and more. Start thinking outside of the box with Jane and you will be surprised at what you can achieve on a modest budget.

What we are loving the most in Jane’s Olioboard design is her fantastic idea of adding close-up’s to show the details in the items. What a great way to highlight products and their interesting qualities. View Her Post

By Sarah Gunn from Yummy Mummy Club

Looks like robin egg blue is a popular colour this season. We saw it in Jane’s post above and Sarah shows us a cute combination of robin egg blue and red for this adorable nursery design. This is one of my favourite colour combinations that works perfectly into the holidays. The knit poufs, cute kiddy pillows and artwork make this a comfortable and loving nursery design. View Her Post

By Lisa Mende from Lisa Mende Design

We are excited to welcome Lisa Mende, winner of the High Point Market Style Spotter Contest to our Holiday Style Oliohop. Lisa is no slouch when it comes to great holiday decorating tips. This masculine design is one small part of her fantastic blog post and you will definitely want to check out her design for the ladies. Lisa’s holiday tips include eveything from shopping for ribbon to create cohesive and beautiful colour schemes, to accent pillows, scents, fires and more. Lisa helps us create the full holiday experience by catering to all five senses. View Her Post

By Allie Phillips from Allie Cat 4 Ever

Allie is currently a student at Sheffield Design school but we have a feeling this lady will have no problems landing clients when she graduates. Allie has been a long time Olioboard member who just continually blows us away with her design abilities and she continues to do so in this blog post. While we are loving the olioboard above, there is much more to see over at her blog. Be sure to click through for beautiful designs including the following colour schemes: all white, icy blue and our favourite the black and white holiday colour theme. View Her Post

By Jennifer Reynolds from Jennifer Reynolds Interiors

It is official, red and teal are the trending holiday colours. In this great post, Jennifer shows us how to take what we already have and make small changes to tie in the holiday spirit. As Jennifer shows us, gift wrapping paper and ribbons are not just for wrapping presents. We love how she uses wrapping paper on her books to dress up bookcases and tie the holiday theme into unexpected places. View Her Post

Kimberly Ward from Pink EggShell

A mix of metallics and festive star burst mirrors are perfect for holiday decor. Sometimes simple and classic colour schemes are what it’s all about and Kimberly proves it with her festive design. Nothing says Christmas more than traditional red and white but the minimal style brings in a modern touch. A simply decorated Christmas tree and solid white gift wrap paper with oversized red ribbons blend in beautifully for a clean festive look. What we love is the little touch of gold to make the whole room sparkle. View Her Post

Leigh-Ann Allaire from Benjamin Moore’s Colour Chats Blog

For all ice princes and princesses. Leigh-Ann’s design plays off of the season and brings the outside in for a beautiful icy blue design. This is a perfect example of how you can take various shades of colour and mix and match them to create a beautiful monotone colour scheme. The snowflake strands that hang down the floor to ceiling glass wall, work perfectly with the outside in theme. View Her Post

Congrats to the winners of the Euro Style Lighting Contest

Our Euro Style Lighting contest has officially closed. Congratulations to our winners. Here’s what our amazing judge Chris from had to say about the winners.

1st Place Euro Styling In Manhattan by Tikib (pictured above) – “I loved how this design used the color of the wood and brick as a warm orange and red rather than a neutral. I also felt that this design really nailed the distribution of lighting throughout the room. – Chris

2nd Place Loft~Euro Style Lighting Design by Konstadina – “I dig the modern rustic look, and think this one is a great contemporary space that a couple or young family could love living in.” – Chris

3rd Place Dream Modern Loft by Neetib – “I appreciate the layout of the space. The inclusion of a conversation area while working in storage, a TV, and an office space is quite thoughtful.” – Chris

Big thanks to our wonderful judge Chris Gardner from If you are a DIY fanatic, be sure to check out Curbly for great project tutorials and crafting ideas. You will LOVE IT!

Special thanks to our fantastic sponsor, Euro Style Lighting. We hope you enjoyed browsing and getting creative with their beautiful product line. If you would like to browse more of Euro Style Lighting’s collection, check it out here.

The Layla Grayce Design Your Dream Bedroom Contest *Win up to $4,000*

Make your dream bedroom a reality with a moodboard that expresses your unique style, and you may find yourself winning big!

Through November, Olioboard is partnering with Layla Grayce for a series of contests beginning with the “Design Your Dream Bedroom Contest,” which runs October 1- 14. Design the ultimate sleeping sanctuary using anything you desire from Layla Grayce. The top three winners – chosen exclusively by Rue Magazine’s Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Crystal Gentilello – will earn cash prizes of $1,000, $500 and $250. *Remember to use at least two products from our sponsors Pine Cone Hill and/or Dash & Albert to be eligible to win.

Winners will be announced October 16. May the best design enthusiast win!

How to Enter:

1: Click on the ‘Join Now’ button located in the top right corner of the Contest Page. Fill out the form and click ‘Create Account.’

2: Once your account is created, click “Add an Entry’ to begin.

3: After the moodboard creator is open, pull items onto the canvas from the right-side panel to create your design. Save your entry by hitting the ‘Save Draft’ button in the top right.

4: To add your design to the Contest, visit the Contest Page and click ‘Add an Entry’ and select the board you wish to enter by clicking the ‘Click to Add’ button. Alternatively, you can click ‘Publish’ directly from the creation screen during the creation process.

5: Share your moodboard on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more votes! Our judge will choose the Grand Prize Winner and Runners Up from among the most popular moodboards.

Wayfair and Olioboard bring you 3 room designs, 3 weeks and 3 grand prizes totalling in $1000

Winner of the 1st Wayfair Design Challenge. Go Green Patio by Neetib

As many of you know, Olioboard has paired up with Wayfair to hold three, week long design challenges where three lucky Olioboard members will walk away with some great prizes totalling in $1000 in Wayfair store credit. We have already finished the 1st design contest in which Wayfair challenged the community to design the Ultimate Summer Patio.

We invited the lovely Kristine Kennedy, the Editorial Director of Wayfair, to participate as a judge for this contest. While it was no easy task to choose one board out of the top 25 voted up by the Olioboard community, Kristine couldn’t overlook this beautiful Go Green Patio design by Neetib. BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Neetib on her WIN!

Here’s a look at some of the other amazing designs that were entered into the contest.

Moroccan Feel by alliephillips38

The Graffiti Artist by Designer4life

Sunflower Patio Vignette by Designer4life

Garden Oasis – Ultimate Patio by Irafra

Simple Suburban Chic by Redadie

St. Tropez Chic by Steven

Wayfair Redesign of My Actual Patio by Akdunlap

Moroccan Flair by Cre8

Miami Silan II by NYCLQ

Wayfair Party Patio by Joci37

We are currently running the 2nd design contest in which Wayfair has challenged the Olioboard community to design the perfect nursery or child’s room for your little dreamer. This contest closes on Monday the 25th so be sure to get your entries in and vote for your favourites.

Here’s a look at some of the current entries.

Wayfair Nursery by Marialuisalim

Dream Big Little One by Designasauris

Kids Color Zone by NYCLQ

Peace and Love by Dray19

Enter the contest and design the perfect nursery or child’s room for your little dreamer. You might just walk away with $250 in Wayfair store credit. Or get a head start on the last and final Wayfair design challenge and create a dining or living room where you can entertain in style.

At the end of the three design challenges, the three winning boards will be put back in front of the judges and one will be named the grand prize winner and receive an additional $250 giving the grand prize winner a total of $500 in Wayfair store credit. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Olioboard and an internship with award winning, Austin based designer – Rachel Guest

Designed by Rachel Guest

I’m sure many of you have seen the amazing work created by Olioboard member and award winning designer Rachel Guest founder of Red Earth Designs.

If you haven’t, here’s a look at the office space she designed for Home Away. Rachel assisted in leading HomeAway’s World Headquarters to achieve a LEED GOLD certificate in sustainable design. The headquarters construction won the Best Construction of the Year of 2010 in Texas. Below are some snapshots of the interior.

Rachel, who was recently in need of some interns for her design studio, chose to run a competition involving the Art Institute Interior Design program in Austin, TX and Olioboard.

To gauge which students were a good fit for her company she asked them to provide a design board created on Each student received an internship for one quarter, school credit and $500 at their completion of it. Best of all, they got the opportunity to turn that internship into a position within Rachel’s company.

These were the requirements for their delivery:

The boards should display a design for a rustic/modern living space. Furnishings and lighting only; no finishes that require installation or floor plans need to be considered.

Examples of items that should be considered include: lighting, area rugs, seating, artwork, accessories, color palette, etc. Multiple options for each category can be provided, but are not required. The board will need to convey the concept itself through text and/or inspirational images since no verbal presentation will be given.

Students were able to access RED Earth’s presentation boards through Olioboard (search Rachel Guest) to get an idea of what Rachel was looking for in terms of layout.

We are so pleased to see that Olioboard is being used is such creative ways. Students don’t have full projects under their belts that they can show off to potential employers, but with Olioboard they can show their abilities in pulling a space and theme together. Here’s a look at the winning designs.

Design created by Sara Reichardt

Design created by Kim Diaz

Design created by Annette Morales

Congrats to the three winners. We hope you continue to use Olioboard and we look forward to seeing more of your designs. I’m sure you will have a blast working with Rachel. She is incredibly sweet and an amazing design talent. Take advantage of this time and soak up all that you can from her.


Are you looking for interns? Maybe Olioboard and your local interior design schools can help you just like Rachel. We would love to hear all about it.

Congrats to the winners of the Spirit Of Sports Man Cave Design Challenge

The results are in an we are happy to congratulate the winners of the latest design contest on Olioboard sponsored by Spirit of Sports. Members were challenged to design the Ultimate man cave to celebrate the sports season.

Thanks to all who entered. With so many fantastic entries in the contest, it was a difficult decision for Andie Day and Marilyn Russell, our lovely and talented judges. Here are the top three boards they selected, plus an honorable mention that they could not let slide by unnoticed.

1st Place goes to Lynda Quinter Davids (NYCLQ) for her design Literary Mantuary

Congrats to Lynda for her beautifully crafted man cave. The green and brown colour scheme with hits of leather and cowhide add to the masculine look of the space. The attention to detail that Lynda gives to her boards, make them appear almost like a photograph. Each item is angled, scaled and placed to perfection. Well done Lynda!

2nd Place goes to Mirella Parer (Mirellaparer) for her design Feeling & Courage

Mirella Parer, you blew us away with this beautiful cowboy inspired man cave. We’re loving the pops of yellow from the rodeo artwork. Absolutely stunning work Mirella!

3rd Place goes to Marialuisalim for her design Spirit of Sports Man Cave

Maria has been an Olioboard member from the beginning and always puts out amazing 3D moodboards. I said it before and I’ll say it again, if you are looking for tips and tricks to create 3D moodboards, this lady is the one to follow. We’re loving the rugged and masculine look of her design.

Honorable mention goes to Selma Hammer Design (selmahammerdesigns) for her design Sophistcated Man Cave

This design was high up on the list for both of our judges so we wanted to give Selma’s moodboard design an honorable mention. We love the sophisticated look she created with the built in bar, gorgeous artwork and spacious seating areas. Nicely done Selma!

On behalf of the Olioboard community and team, I would like to thank our amazing sponsor, Spirit of Sports for offering up the fantastic gift card prizes. Visit Spirit of Sport to see their full art and decor collection.

I’d also like to take some time to thank our talented judges, Marilyn Russell and Andie Day for participating in and helping to spread word of this fun design challenge.

Read more about Marilyn and Andie below.

As the principal designer and founder of Design Magnifique, Inc., Marilyn strives to inspire and motivate people around her to put forth their personal best through her never-ending encouragement, support and her contagious laughter. Born in Jamaica, raised in Boston and now residing in Orlando, Florida, Marilyn is a true multicultural interior designer.

Empowered with a Bachelor’s Degree in business management while employed as a construction defect claims adjuster, Marilyn quickly grasped the art of construction building and acquired the skills of interacting with contractors, developers, architects and other professions involved in the field. With an eye for detail, admiration for interior spaces and a love for color, Marilyn’s true calling in the field of Interior Design was inevitable.

Marilyn’s goal is to create stunning interiors that will have a profound and life-altering effect on their owners. Designing marvelous spaces certainly will not be Marilyn’s last stop. Transforming the interior design industry’s lack of diversity is on her to-do list. By capitalizing on her skills, collaborating with future interior designers and sharing her passion for interior design, Marilyn will forever leave her mark on the industry.

Visit Marilyn’s Blog or follow her on Twitter and facebook

Andie Day is an award-winning interior designer whose Design for Life™ philosophy blends fashion with function to create spaces that are simultaneously alluring and practical. She excels at maximizing small spaces, city living, whole house interior design and small commercial projects. Andie is especially intrigued by the nuances of lifestyles and delving into and discovering ways to unearth triggers that will enhance her client’s wellbeing, peace of mind and health. She is an accredited member of NKBA and a certified aging-in-place specialist through NAHB, she earned her degree from Bentley College in Massachusetts.

Andie’s inventive solutions have been featured in the Washington Post, Boston Globe’s “G Style” Magazine, New England Home, Kitchen and Bath Ideas®, Design New England and in NECN’s inspirational television series: Dream House. She was chosen to serve on the Blanco Design Council in 2011. Additionally, she was selected as a winner of Tile of Spain Reign in Spain Tour 2011 where she traveled to eastern Spain and Valencia. Last year, she was also chosen for Modenus’ BlogTour 2011 where she and other lifestyle and interior design bloggers traveled to London during the London Design Festival.

Professionally, she maintains an active blog which ties various lifestyle topics together and relates them back to interior environments.

Follow Andie on Twitter and Facebook.

A taste of India

A few weeks ago one of our olioboard members suggested we hold a design challenge called Inspiration India. The following boards are a selection of some of the amazing work created by the Olioboard community. These boards in particular were so well done I just had to share them. Big thanks to member vasudilip for suggesting the challenge that created these great olioboards.

This stunning design was created by one of our long time members, marialuisalim. She has a knack for using background images and flipping them in a way to create a full space. One of her strongest talents is her ability to layout the overall design. She creates beautiful symmetry and I just love the how she uses the items that break out the sides of the rectangular frame to create a more pleasing vignette. If anyone is struggling to develop more in depth and detailed moodboards, I highly recommend looking through marialuisalim’s full collection of olioboards to get great ideas and tips.

Panache is another member of the Olioboard community that just keeps turning out gold with each olioboard she creates. As expected, she nailed it with this design too. The wide low slung sofa with no back except for the causally thrown collection of patterned pillows is perfect for the India theme. I also love how the rich spice colour scheme creates a warm and welcome feeling.

Does this not look like the most perfect escape? I want to cozy up onto that window seat and enjoy the view with a good book and a warm drink. The bright, bold colours, elaborately decorated window shutters and gorgeous pendant light work beautifully together in this design. The carefully selected items just go to show Joci37′s great taste and eye for design.

I used one of this lady’s olioboards to showcase the Christmas Tree Decorating Challenge and I’m going to use one of her boards again here. Designasauris is one of our most active members and I’ve enjoyed following along as she designs up a storm on Olioboard. The yards and yards of draped fabric add to the India inspired theme and create a softness for this bedroom, while the mountain of pillows and the colourful quilted bed spread create the ultimate focal point.

Last but not least, I would like to share this great design by Adrianad. Again, anyone who would like to learn more about creating more in depth Olioboards that showcase an overall space rather than a collection of items, should follow these members. Adrianad manages to manipulate images and products in a way that literally transforms them into something else completely. Her ability to source out fantastic items that fit well with the design as well as with the perspective of the space is what highlights her as one of our most talented members. Love the stone rug and colourful wall panels.

If you would like to see more designs from the India Inspired Challenge just click here. If you would like more details on any of the above Olioboard’s, simply click on the design you like and you will be taken to the board detail page on Olioboard where you can view a list of items used to create the board.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

The Christmas tree decorating challenge is on

The challenge is on. We want to see which of you can create the most amazing Christmas tree design to celebrate the holidays with. You have decked the halls, now lets see you tackle the tree. :) There are already some amazing designs entered into this challenge. Click the image above to browse the entries or create an entry of your own.

If you are in need of some inspiration, check out the great collection of ornaments in the Christmas tree challenge sample set.

Can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Good Luck!

The holiday decor moodboard challenge wrap up

Big thanks to all the amazing bloggers who joined in on our Olioboard Holiday Blog Hop. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. For those that have been following along, I hope you picked up some great new tips for achieving a particular holiday style. If you missed any of the moodboard designs along the way, you can see them all below. Just click on any of the moodboards to be directed to the full blog post. Have a look and let us know what you think.

If you are a fan of the coastal style, look no further. Liz is the master. Her coastal holiday inspired moodboard is one of many great examples. The beachy colour scheme, star fish ornaments and sea inspired stockings all work well together to create a festive sea side holiday look. She sparkled up her room with some great items like the crowns on the wall behind the couch with garland, shiny ornaments and the starlette mirrored sconces above the fireplace. Beautiful design Liz!

Vanessa’s beautiful classic red and white design is sure to be a favourite amongst the traditional Christmas colour lovers. She also shares some great tips and tricks for decorating on a smaller budget like the Ikea fabric table runner, adding holiday throw pillows and simply decorating with fruit and candy to give that extra pop of colour.

Wednesday’s holiday moodboard design came from the lovely ladies over at Covet Garden. We’re loving the tiny mushroom ornaments. These mushroom ornaments are popping up everywhere this year. The succulent wreath is also a great piece and a nice alternative to the standard options. You could probably even take it apart after the holiday’s and replant each one for a beautiful succulent garden, just like these little beauties.

We love that Julie tossed aside the traditional colour schemes and create a fresh new take on decorating for the holidays. Her bold fuchsia, silver and black colour scheme gives off a modern and glam holiday look. Keeping a neutral backdrop with gray and silver allows the fuchsia to be the show stopper. We’re also loving her display of cut flowers in stemless wine glasses. Great idea and very pretty.

I love Adrienne’s use of bright colours and bold fun patterns. For all those that have no fireplace to hang stockings on, she has you covered. Check out the fun hip, red, metal coat rack in her moodboard. It’s a fun alternative and great solution for hanging stockings. The wood tones in Adrienne’s design help keep the overall look warm, comfortable and inviting. Great job!

As you can see, I opted to go for a crafty and homemade Christmas look. I’m completely in love with the felt and knit animal ornaments this year. While they are not homemade, they definitely give off that feel and were the inspiration for my moodboard design. I’m also on a kick right now with turning old sweaters into comfy accent pillows which probably also inspired this homemade holiday look. Hope you like it!

How will you be decorating your space this holiday season?

If you still have the decorating bug in you and you want to let some of that creativity out, head over to Olioboard and enter a design into the “Ultimate Christmas Tree Decorating Challenge.” There are some beautiful designs in the challenge already, but we would love to see what you can bring to the table.

Thanks for following along and happy olioboarding!
xoxo Sheilah

The holiday decor moodboard challenge


Meet the talented ladies behind this collaborative blog hop!

Liz from Shorely Chic
Liz is passionate about all things design and the peaceful and tranquil way of life by the beach. Her mission is to create a home environment that influences a refreshing and chic lifestyle through her inspirational blog, interior design services and product lines available on Etsy.

Vanessa from Decor Happy
Vanessa has a knack for mixing styles, textures and finishes which keep her designs personal, thoughtful and fresh. She would describe her style as refined simplicity – timeless, classic and understated with an appreciation for both traditional and contemporary elements.

Lynda, Jessica & Rhonda from Covet Garden
Combined there is nothing these ladies haven’t done. Let me see if I got this straight: Lifestyle editor, freelance writer, decorator, floral designer, award winning prop stylist, designer, art director and writer for publications such as Flare, In Style, Rouge, Images, and the Winnipeg Free Press. These ladies are amazing!

Julie from Belle Maison
Julie is an interior designer and founder of Modern Chic Home. The inspiration behind launching an online boutique comes from her passion for interior design, the love of sharing what she’s learned and experienced over the years, and the desire to bring incredible resources to the marketplace for all to enjoy.

Adrienne from 2Modern Blog
A writer, blogger and interior designer by trade, Adrienne has worked at a trendy design store in downtown Austin, owned her own interior design consulting business, operated her own pet sitting business and now enjoys making a living writing for a number of editors.

Sheilah from Olioboard Blog – Co-founder of
I run a web design company called Keele UX Inc. with my partner Cole, creating large scale social sites and web and mobile apps for our clients. Olioboard was our first attempt at creating our very own app. They say you should start with something you love and I LOVE interior design. Olioboard was created to help others (like me) experiment with their interior design side. For everyone who enjoys spending hours browsing home decor stores, dreaming of new bathrooms and kitchens over cars and clothes… Olioboard was made for you. Enjoy! :)