The Holiday Style File OlioHop Round Up

By Lynda Quintero Davids from Focal Point Blog

This is just one of many boards created by Lynda for our Holiday Style File Blog Hop. If you have not yet seen her post, it is a must see. Not only did she create a number of simply gorgeous moodboards, but she’s also a DIY encyclopedia when it comes to fantastic holiday decorating tips. One of my favourites is the knit candle cozy made from a leg warmer. There is no way you are leaving that post without a handful of great holiday projects. View Her Post

By Andie Day from Andie Day LifeStyle Blog

Andie throws tradition to the wind with her Oliohop design and we are loving her for it. The bright colours and slick modern furniture provide a fun and relaxed environment that is perfect for entertaining. Hands down, the show stopping piece in this design has to be the Boca Do Lobo Oporto Cabinet. Intricately designed, this cutting edge piece was inspired by the city of Porto and the rhythmic undulating of its black slate roof tops and building facades. Through reflection ingredients such as decontextualization, irony, drama and extravagance were added and Oporto came to life. The cabinet is sheathed in individual scales which are finished in a silver leaf with a high gloss varnish. Its doors feature openings which are spanned with a metal mesh. View Her Post

By Tobi Fairley from Tobi Fairley Blog

From tree decorating, to baking, to table top decor and gift wrapping, Tobi covers everything you will need to know about decorating for the holidays. We loved seeing the combination of Tobi’s and her mother’s distinct design styles sitting side by side in this blog post. Design sense just runs wild in their family. Be sure to check out the pink Christmas tree with the super cute monkey ornaments. View Her Post

By Jane Gianarelli from Embrace Your Inner Snob

If you are looking to make a big statement on a modest budget, check out Jane’s blog post. Using great paint colours, she is able to create a unified pretty in pastel table top design. As Jane shows us, you can paint pretty much anything from pearl necklaces, to books, to dishware and more. Start thinking outside of the box with Jane and you will be surprised at what you can achieve on a modest budget.

What we are loving the most in Jane’s Olioboard design is her fantastic idea of adding close-up’s to show the details in the items. What a great way to highlight products and their interesting qualities. View Her Post

By Sarah Gunn from Yummy Mummy Club

Looks like robin egg blue is a popular colour this season. We saw it in Jane’s post above and Sarah shows us a cute combination of robin egg blue and red for this adorable nursery design. This is one of my favourite colour combinations that works perfectly into the holidays. The knit poufs, cute kiddy pillows and artwork make this a comfortable and loving nursery design. View Her Post

By Lisa Mende from Lisa Mende Design

We are excited to welcome Lisa Mende, winner of the High Point Market Style Spotter Contest to our Holiday Style Oliohop. Lisa is no slouch when it comes to great holiday decorating tips. This masculine design is one small part of her fantastic blog post and you will definitely want to check out her design for the ladies. Lisa’s holiday tips include eveything from shopping for ribbon to create cohesive and beautiful colour schemes, to accent pillows, scents, fires and more. Lisa helps us create the full holiday experience by catering to all five senses. View Her Post

By Allie Phillips from Allie Cat 4 Ever

Allie is currently a student at Sheffield Design school but we have a feeling this lady will have no problems landing clients when she graduates. Allie has been a long time Olioboard member who just continually blows us away with her design abilities and she continues to do so in this blog post. While we are loving the olioboard above, there is much more to see over at her blog. Be sure to click through for beautiful designs including the following colour schemes: all white, icy blue and our favourite the black and white holiday colour theme. View Her Post

By Jennifer Reynolds from Jennifer Reynolds Interiors

It is official, red and teal are the trending holiday colours. In this great post, Jennifer shows us how to take what we already have and make small changes to tie in the holiday spirit. As Jennifer shows us, gift wrapping paper and ribbons are not just for wrapping presents. We love how she uses wrapping paper on her books to dress up bookcases and tie the holiday theme into unexpected places. View Her Post

Kimberly Ward from Pink EggShell

A mix of metallics and festive star burst mirrors are perfect for holiday decor. Sometimes simple and classic colour schemes are what it’s all about and Kimberly proves it with her festive design. Nothing says Christmas more than traditional red and white but the minimal style brings in a modern touch. A simply decorated Christmas tree and solid white gift wrap paper with oversized red ribbons blend in beautifully for a clean festive look. What we love is the little touch of gold to make the whole room sparkle. View Her Post

Leigh-Ann Allaire from Benjamin Moore’s Colour Chats Blog

For all ice princes and princesses. Leigh-Ann’s design plays off of the season and brings the outside in for a beautiful icy blue design. This is a perfect example of how you can take various shades of colour and mix and match them to create a beautiful monotone colour scheme. The snowflake strands that hang down the floor to ceiling glass wall, work perfectly with the outside in theme. View Her Post

Congrats to the winners of the Euro Style Lighting Contest

Our Euro Style Lighting contest has officially closed. Congratulations to our winners. Here’s what our amazing judge Chris from had to say about the winners.

1st Place Euro Styling In Manhattan by Tikib (pictured above) – “I loved how this design used the color of the wood and brick as a warm orange and red rather than a neutral. I also felt that this design really nailed the distribution of lighting throughout the room. – Chris

2nd Place Loft~Euro Style Lighting Design by Konstadina – “I dig the modern rustic look, and think this one is a great contemporary space that a couple or young family could love living in.” – Chris

3rd Place Dream Modern Loft by Neetib – “I appreciate the layout of the space. The inclusion of a conversation area while working in storage, a TV, and an office space is quite thoughtful.” – Chris

Big thanks to our wonderful judge Chris Gardner from If you are a DIY fanatic, be sure to check out Curbly for great project tutorials and crafting ideas. You will LOVE IT!

Special thanks to our fantastic sponsor, Euro Style Lighting. We hope you enjoyed browsing and getting creative with their beautiful product line. If you would like to browse more of Euro Style Lighting’s collection, check it out here.

Wayfair and Olioboard bring you 3 room designs, 3 weeks and 3 grand prizes totalling in $1000

Winner of the 1st Wayfair Design Challenge. Go Green Patio by Neetib

As many of you know, Olioboard has paired up with Wayfair to hold three, week long design challenges where three lucky Olioboard members will walk away with some great prizes totalling in $1000 in Wayfair store credit. We have already finished the 1st design contest in which Wayfair challenged the community to design the Ultimate Summer Patio.

We invited the lovely Kristine Kennedy, the Editorial Director of Wayfair, to participate as a judge for this contest. While it was no easy task to choose one board out of the top 25 voted up by the Olioboard community, Kristine couldn’t overlook this beautiful Go Green Patio design by Neetib. BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Neetib on her WIN!

Here’s a look at some of the other amazing designs that were entered into the contest.

Moroccan Feel by alliephillips38

The Graffiti Artist by Designer4life

Sunflower Patio Vignette by Designer4life

Garden Oasis – Ultimate Patio by Irafra

Simple Suburban Chic by Redadie

St. Tropez Chic by Steven

Wayfair Redesign of My Actual Patio by Akdunlap

Moroccan Flair by Cre8

Miami Silan II by NYCLQ

Wayfair Party Patio by Joci37

We are currently running the 2nd design contest in which Wayfair has challenged the Olioboard community to design the perfect nursery or child’s room for your little dreamer. This contest closes on Monday the 25th so be sure to get your entries in and vote for your favourites.

Here’s a look at some of the current entries.

Wayfair Nursery by Marialuisalim

Dream Big Little One by Designasauris

Kids Color Zone by NYCLQ

Peace and Love by Dray19

Enter the contest and design the perfect nursery or child’s room for your little dreamer. You might just walk away with $250 in Wayfair store credit. Or get a head start on the last and final Wayfair design challenge and create a dining or living room where you can entertain in style.

At the end of the three design challenges, the three winning boards will be put back in front of the judges and one will be named the grand prize winner and receive an additional $250 giving the grand prize winner a total of $500 in Wayfair store credit. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Interview with Designer Stacy Naquin on E-Design


Hello everyone. I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Today we are very happy to share our interview with Louisiana based designer, Stacy Naquin and our discussion on e-design.

Tell us about you?
Stacy Naquin’s signature style is a unique combination of timeless design details and current trends, making her one of the freshest faces in design throughout Louisiana and the South.

Her lifelong love of design led Stacy to study at the prestigious Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and Louisiana State University, where she graduated with a degree in Interior Design. Since that time, Stacy has gained over fifteen years of experience and expertise in residential and commercial interiors, which culminated in the establishment of Stacy Naquin Interiors.

Years working alongside many of the nation’s premier kitchen and bath designers has made Stacy an integral resource for new home construction and major renovations, as well as lavish interiors. Collaborating with her husband, the owner of a luxury audio/video technology firm, helps Stacy bring high-tech capabilities to her gorgeous designs, marrying the best in style and function for her exclusive clientele.

It is Stacy’s passion for both design and the business of design that keeps her traveling extensively to work on best practices for the design industry and stay current on the latest resources and trends.

How did you get interested in e-design?
After starting my own business, I realized there was an entire market being underserved or not being served at all. There is a common misconception that hiring an Interior Designer is very expensive and is available only to the elite, but I knew there had to be a way to offer affordable design. According to consumer spending reports, roughly 66% of people buy their furniture online. As more and more consumers embrace the internet, creating an e-design service where clients can do their own purchasing was a natural progression.

What led you to decide?
Time is money – for the client as well as the designer. I’ll find 10-20 times the amount of product online as opposed to driving around town looking for the perfect product in the correct size, pattern or color.

Where do you see opportunity in your design business?
Proximity is no longer an issue. I may have blog readers from Florida to California that love my design aesthetic, and within a week or two I can provide everything they need to implement their new design.

Do you plan to offer luxury services?
Absolutely. You will always have clients that want exclusive fabrics, custom furniture, and unique items and simply don’t have the time or don’t want to do it themselves.

How do you see e-design tying into that?
With Olioboard, I can upload a product from any vendor I carry, not just what is available on their site. Also, I have used it as a tool for conceptual design.

Do you think your luxury clients will be put off to see e-design?
Just as in the fashion industry, there are different levels of product to offer a client. A luxury couture designer will design gowns for the Oscars, but they will also have a separate line designed for Macy’s.

Do you know of any top Interior Designers that offer e-design services?
Tobi Fairley and Windsor Smith come to mind.

What are the 3 ways you see they can use Olioboard?
Olioboard is a time saving tool to create 3-D presentations, print out an itemized shopping list, and to provide clients with the convenience of purchasing by simply clicking on a link.

Do you see any pitfalls or negatives with e-design? When opting for fast, affordable design, you sometimes compromise the extent of customization such as sizes, fabrics, or added trim details.

If you want to learn more about Stacy Naquin and her design services check out any of the links below.


Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day to all the amazing moms out there! I hope you are spending this day relaxing and getting in some quality family time. To celebrate, I thought I would do a post on some of your talented kids. It appears that a number of you have children that could be aspiring designers. I stumbled upon this design a couple of weeks ago and was blown away when I realized it was created by a nine year old.

This board was created by Chaotically Creative’s son. Not what you’d expect from a nine year old boy right? You would think the design would be filled with bright colours and modern furnishings, but this little guy has obviously got a taste for classic and rustic design.

Chaotically Creative says: “My nine year old asked if he could use Olioboard to create a Mood board. I gave him about a 5 second tutorial. I didn’t even show him how to use the frames. I think this is pretty good for a 9 year old. And look it’s even got a color theme.”

I think this is more than pretty good for a first attempt. If this is what he is putting together now, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with down the line.

This board is created by Olioboard member, designperson. Designperson (love the name by the way), is the 11 year old son of Olioboard member Designasauris. Again, this is not the kind of design I expected to see from an eleven year old. Check out this clean, minimal look he has created. We’re excited to see that he is already attempting 3D rooms by using the empty room images and scaling the furniture to fit within the space.

It’s so great to see Olioboard become a creative outlet for kids of all ages. Interior design is not really a subject that is often available in schools so kids rarely get the chance to really test it out and see if this might be a possible path for them. I love seeing mom’s feeding their children’s creative side and encouraging them to try new things.

A while back Susan Rapp did a blog post for us that focused on Mother’s and daughters. She created bedroom designs in a specific style for the mother and re-created that look in a mirroring daughter’s bedroom. Here’s a look at some of the designs she created.

Susan’s take on Vintage Modern M&D Bedrooms

Susan’s take on Natural M&D Bedrooms!

Try it out for yourself and see if your child has an interest in interior design. Encourage them along with helpful tips and offer up mini challenges. Try following Susan’s lead and pick a style and a space that the two of you can work on together. People of all ages spend a fair amount of time online these days. Turn some of that time into a bonding and educational experience. Happy Mother’s Day!

Olioboard and an internship with award winning, Austin based designer – Rachel Guest

Designed by Rachel Guest

I’m sure many of you have seen the amazing work created by Olioboard member and award winning designer Rachel Guest founder of Red Earth Designs.

If you haven’t, here’s a look at the office space she designed for Home Away. Rachel assisted in leading HomeAway’s World Headquarters to achieve a LEED GOLD certificate in sustainable design. The headquarters construction won the Best Construction of the Year of 2010 in Texas. Below are some snapshots of the interior.

Rachel, who was recently in need of some interns for her design studio, chose to run a competition involving the Art Institute Interior Design program in Austin, TX and Olioboard.

To gauge which students were a good fit for her company she asked them to provide a design board created on Each student received an internship for one quarter, school credit and $500 at their completion of it. Best of all, they got the opportunity to turn that internship into a position within Rachel’s company.

These were the requirements for their delivery:

The boards should display a design for a rustic/modern living space. Furnishings and lighting only; no finishes that require installation or floor plans need to be considered.

Examples of items that should be considered include: lighting, area rugs, seating, artwork, accessories, color palette, etc. Multiple options for each category can be provided, but are not required. The board will need to convey the concept itself through text and/or inspirational images since no verbal presentation will be given.

Students were able to access RED Earth’s presentation boards through Olioboard (search Rachel Guest) to get an idea of what Rachel was looking for in terms of layout.

We are so pleased to see that Olioboard is being used is such creative ways. Students don’t have full projects under their belts that they can show off to potential employers, but with Olioboard they can show their abilities in pulling a space and theme together. Here’s a look at the winning designs.

Design created by Sara Reichardt

Design created by Kim Diaz

Design created by Annette Morales

Congrats to the three winners. We hope you continue to use Olioboard and we look forward to seeing more of your designs. I’m sure you will have a blast working with Rachel. She is incredibly sweet and an amazing design talent. Take advantage of this time and soak up all that you can from her.


Are you looking for interns? Maybe Olioboard and your local interior design schools can help you just like Rachel. We would love to hear all about it.

Congrats to the winners of the Spirit Of Sports Man Cave Design Challenge

The results are in an we are happy to congratulate the winners of the latest design contest on Olioboard sponsored by Spirit of Sports. Members were challenged to design the Ultimate man cave to celebrate the sports season.

Thanks to all who entered. With so many fantastic entries in the contest, it was a difficult decision for Andie Day and Marilyn Russell, our lovely and talented judges. Here are the top three boards they selected, plus an honorable mention that they could not let slide by unnoticed.

1st Place goes to Lynda Quinter Davids (NYCLQ) for her design Literary Mantuary

Congrats to Lynda for her beautifully crafted man cave. The green and brown colour scheme with hits of leather and cowhide add to the masculine look of the space. The attention to detail that Lynda gives to her boards, make them appear almost like a photograph. Each item is angled, scaled and placed to perfection. Well done Lynda!

2nd Place goes to Mirella Parer (Mirellaparer) for her design Feeling & Courage

Mirella Parer, you blew us away with this beautiful cowboy inspired man cave. We’re loving the pops of yellow from the rodeo artwork. Absolutely stunning work Mirella!

3rd Place goes to Marialuisalim for her design Spirit of Sports Man Cave

Maria has been an Olioboard member from the beginning and always puts out amazing 3D moodboards. I said it before and I’ll say it again, if you are looking for tips and tricks to create 3D moodboards, this lady is the one to follow. We’re loving the rugged and masculine look of her design.

Honorable mention goes to Selma Hammer Design (selmahammerdesigns) for her design Sophistcated Man Cave

This design was high up on the list for both of our judges so we wanted to give Selma’s moodboard design an honorable mention. We love the sophisticated look she created with the built in bar, gorgeous artwork and spacious seating areas. Nicely done Selma!

On behalf of the Olioboard community and team, I would like to thank our amazing sponsor, Spirit of Sports for offering up the fantastic gift card prizes. Visit Spirit of Sport to see their full art and decor collection.

I’d also like to take some time to thank our talented judges, Marilyn Russell and Andie Day for participating in and helping to spread word of this fun design challenge.

Read more about Marilyn and Andie below.

As the principal designer and founder of Design Magnifique, Inc., Marilyn strives to inspire and motivate people around her to put forth their personal best through her never-ending encouragement, support and her contagious laughter. Born in Jamaica, raised in Boston and now residing in Orlando, Florida, Marilyn is a true multicultural interior designer.

Empowered with a Bachelor’s Degree in business management while employed as a construction defect claims adjuster, Marilyn quickly grasped the art of construction building and acquired the skills of interacting with contractors, developers, architects and other professions involved in the field. With an eye for detail, admiration for interior spaces and a love for color, Marilyn’s true calling in the field of Interior Design was inevitable.

Marilyn’s goal is to create stunning interiors that will have a profound and life-altering effect on their owners. Designing marvelous spaces certainly will not be Marilyn’s last stop. Transforming the interior design industry’s lack of diversity is on her to-do list. By capitalizing on her skills, collaborating with future interior designers and sharing her passion for interior design, Marilyn will forever leave her mark on the industry.

Visit Marilyn’s Blog or follow her on Twitter and facebook

Andie Day is an award-winning interior designer whose Design for Life™ philosophy blends fashion with function to create spaces that are simultaneously alluring and practical. She excels at maximizing small spaces, city living, whole house interior design and small commercial projects. Andie is especially intrigued by the nuances of lifestyles and delving into and discovering ways to unearth triggers that will enhance her client’s wellbeing, peace of mind and health. She is an accredited member of NKBA and a certified aging-in-place specialist through NAHB, she earned her degree from Bentley College in Massachusetts.

Andie’s inventive solutions have been featured in the Washington Post, Boston Globe’s “G Style” Magazine, New England Home, Kitchen and Bath Ideas®, Design New England and in NECN’s inspirational television series: Dream House. She was chosen to serve on the Blanco Design Council in 2011. Additionally, she was selected as a winner of Tile of Spain Reign in Spain Tour 2011 where she traveled to eastern Spain and Valencia. Last year, she was also chosen for Modenus’ BlogTour 2011 where she and other lifestyle and interior design bloggers traveled to London during the London Design Festival.

Professionally, she maintains an active blog which ties various lifestyle topics together and relates them back to interior environments.

Follow Andie on Twitter and Facebook.

Designer Interviews – Lynda Quintero Davids

Today we are interviewing the amazing Stylist | Designer | Planner | Thrifter | Blogger, Lynda Quintero-Davids. Lynda is also a long time Olioboard member who has figured out how to truly utilize Olioboard to promote herself and her business. Read on to learn tips from Lynda on getting your name out there for others to take notice.

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

I love shopping, thrifting, dancing, drawing, painting, gardening, branches, flowers, the color black, cuff bracelets, the beach, history, and NYC! I have a strong passion for making something out of nothing, always finding more space, and a strong desire for wanting to make things look their best. From a simple shift to shopping thrift – My home is my lab where I experiment on looks, styles & techniques I can do for you.  Although I spent twenty five years working in retail as a stylist, fashion show coordinator and visual merchandising director, I’m very passionate about architecture, interior décor and photography. My design experience includes: apartment & townhome renovations, outdoor living & garden design, event planning & execution. My specialties include: budget design, conceptual design, room boards, interior planning, retail space planning, styling, painting, thrifting and furniture refinishing. I also enjoy creating flower arrangements and have worked as a Production & Design Assistant for David Bromstad and the ColorSplash team in Miami.

2. What’s your preferred way to start a new project? How do you typically get inspired and creative in the early stages?

Getting inspired to start a new project can come in several different ways. Often I find myself sketching a thought on the nearest paper I can find or now – as many of you do – I’ve become a Pinterest addict!  If it’s for a client I am working with, most importantly I ask several questions and LISTEN to the answers. While listening to the answers, I also take note of my surroundings by looking around for other clues: colors, keepsakes, and types of magazines & books they may have around. If the space is an empty shell, then asking, “How long you have lived here?” is usually a pretty good guide to let me know either this person is a) in a rush, b) can’t make a decision or c) is a perfectionist and may not be so easy to please. But relying back to listening – the client may not have enough time or not know where to start. We all have something we love dearly – a color, a dress, a photograph, a book, a bowl – so even that can be a good place to start.

When I’m not working with a client, EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, stirs my imagination – both good and bad. And the inspiration doesn’t always need to be taken literally. For example, back in 2006, a beautiful yellow school bus drove passed me on my way to work. Something about that yellow caught my attention and just stayed with me. A few months later, while on a trip to NYC, it dawned on me: with all the NYC photos I have, I didn’t have any of the famed NYC Taxis, so I kept trying to capture an image of them – but failed. A month later, my husband and I returned to NYC to be married in Central Park. On our way to the park, we got stuck in a Taxi jam. Jeff knew I wanted a pic of taxis, so he just stuck his arm out the window with the camerawhile we were in front of Mies van der Rhoe’s Seagram’s Building – and BAM! He got the shot that inspired me to do a black, white & yellow room, popularly known at HGTV’s Rate My Spaceas “Cash Cab”.

3. Prior to Olioboard, how did you present design direction ideas to your clients?

Prior to using Olioboard, I’d use my sketches of floor plans or elevation drawings – along with tons of magazine clippings, catalogue tear-outs and drawings. I’ve also done actual sample boards, but who the heck wants to lug that big board around? Besides – you can’t send that in an email, a tweet, or a FB message.

4. Can you name 3 ways in which Olioboard has become a useful tool for your interior design business (or career)?

Using Olioboard, I’m able to select reasonably priced style that is very desired among my target market. And even if it’s not on Olioboard, I can easily upload a phone pic of a thrift find or a deal I spot at Homegoods… and even better, now I can source on Pinterest what I’m looking for, and then add it to my Olioboard library (basically repining from Pinterest TO Olioboard. All of which is a HUGE time saver when trying to pull together a look for a client, a friend or family member, and even our home.

5. How have your clients reacted to Olioboard as a presentation tool?

Besides emailing an Olioboard to a client to review a color, a sofa style, or a room design, I have also printed my 2D and 3D boards out onto cardstock, which makes for an easy and impressive presentation. Not everyone is a visual thinker – and that’s perfectly alright. Having an Olioboard on hand helps give clarity to the vision of a space. I like using both 2D first and then show the 3D of what the selected elements can look like in the space. And since I print it on paper, it’s very easy to make notes and adjustments. Showing an Olioboard itself online is also easy because the board can be enlarged, or make the necessary adjustments on the spot –  although I still prefer to print out the boards, and put them together in a nice black folder along with my business cards, project details, the budget and a contract. As tech savvy as some people are, I understand not everyone is. People like holding onto the printed Olioboard, especially if I leave them one.

6. In addition to the upcoming Olioboard Pro Plan (which includes a color scheme tool, text tool and budget tool), what features or improvements would make your life as a designer easier?

Since Olioboard first started up, I’ve seen them go through a few changes – all for the better to upgrade their site. And the best change by far has to be the addition of the ProPlan Tools. Before the tools, I’d have to save my board and reload it to another site to add in text. Now, with the text tool in the ProPlan, I’m able to easily integrate not only text for the project name, but I can now add in details like “before” and “after” to photos or notes such as “this chair style – in this fabric”

Since I also blog, using Olioboard with Pinterest has been helpful to create blog content for style trends I spot in stores, on the street, or on Pinterest. I am also creating lifestyle spaces- merging fashion with home décor – which is so important to both industries and our economy. This helps me demonstrate that as a designer, I have a CLEAR understanding of the different lifestyles. It also allows me to incorporate my retail background of visual presentation, which is what I did while working at JCPenney: help give brands an identity that the targeted market can relate to their lifestyle – and they will likely the goods. Well, now the goods I’m selling is myself on the internet.

Going forward, an enhancement I’d like to see with the tools is the ability to “save” the color schemes (which is actually already in the works). Another feature I’d like to see is maybe teamining up with Picnik to offer other editing options for boards – for example framing them – plus options to edit photos – for example convert a “before” photo to B&W on a board.

7. What are three time saving / creative tips you would give to designers and members just starting to use Olioboard?

1.Learn the buttons and what they can do for you. From cropping, to locking, to shifting images in your layers back to front & front to back. The other important buttons to be aware of are “Public” and “Private”. Some items you may want to keep private are shots of your client’s space, your signature, and your logo. Items to share with the public would be those fab furniture finds you have just pinned or an inspirational photo. Be sure to “save” often.

2.Create your library and take the time to organize it into sets. I started building my library with items I’d find in Olio’s categories and dump those onto an open board, then click save – all the items are saved, regardless if it’s for the current project or a future one. Afterwards, I take the time to put those library items into my sets. Easy sets to categorize are rugs, chairs, flooring, wall colors, and wall coverings – and then create other sets by color. Eventually sets can become client project specific.

3.Don’t be shy! Share your completed boards with friends on Facebook and Tweet them too – especially if you are a designer looking to build your brand. Not all of my boards are blog worthy or represent my design style – but for those that are, I created a tab with a library of my boards on my blog. Although I’ve experimented and have done a bit of DIY projects on my blog, I mostly use my blog as a current portfolio of my work, my design style and my abilities and hopefully it also shows my organizational skills – like an online Resume. Olioboard has been a tremendous help to me being able to apply and showcase my skills in visual presentation, planning and organizing.

Lynda was born and raised in North Bergan New Jersey and frequently visited New York City on the weekends with her Godmother. She grew up seeing her dad sketch something on a napkin one day, and the next, he’d be outside building it. At age ten, her parents relocated them to South Florida where, over the past 33 years, she developed her metropolitan style with an occasional flare for the tropics. She relocated from South Florida to Phoenix, Arizona, (“in the valley”) where she is already tapping into acquiring different décor styles because of the new location.

Early in her teens, she had wanted to go into fashion design. The closest thing to it, that she could do, was window displays. Window displays grew to a love of fashion show production and visual merchandising stores. In her late twenties, she wanted to develop her fondness of merchandising to do store planning and design, so she decided to go to school for interior design. Being her father’s daughter, she too enjoyed building, painting, and decorating the house. Now she passionately combine the two loves. Her work has been featured on HGTV, Houzz, CasaSugar, various blogs and right here at Olioboard! You can connect with Lynda via: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, flickr and her blog, Focal Point.

To learn more about each design in this post, just click on any of the board images.

Moodboard Lifestyle ~ Loft Living

Loft living isn’t the location or the space…it’s the attitude! Wide open spaces call for a well edited collection of vintage or modern home furnishings. A few must haves: modern art, B&W photography and at least one avant-garde piece to reflect your individual style for home decor fashion. With an eclectic mix of home decor furniture + wares, we’ve put together a few moodboards to reflect the adventurous spirit of Loft Living: Urban Industrial, Bohemian Grunge and Pure White Modern. ~ Enjoy!

Urban Industrial Loft: mixing clean urban lines with industrial steel, creates a crazy-cool vibe for downtown living. Here we mix up the cool grey color story with pops of New Year yellow! For a fab urban dwelling anchor piece, select modern upholstery, like this 1960′s style Petrie Apartment Sofa in chic graphic grey from Crate&Barrel.

For case pieces, we love the Archive Credenza by cb2, which is inspired by vintage library card catalogs. Plus, it’s handmade from sustainable, plantation grown, solid mango wood. For the true urban industrial dweller, go utilitarian metal with the Industrial Metal Bath Cabinet from West Elm and the Wire Pendant Lights by Lazy Susan from Zinc Door.

Pure White Modern Loft: the beauty of pure white interiors reflects a calm nature and a minimalist attitude. Pure white leather is the perfect fit for the pure modern lifestyle. Go classic modern with the Baxton Studio Gianna Leather Chair from Sears and the Porada Alcide Leather Stool from Occa-Home.

Go ahead and accessorize like a modernist with the ultra-fab Erich Ginder Ghost Antler from and the uber chic moooi paper chandelier from Occa-Home. Wallpaper Art! Create an unexpected accent wall with artistically designed bespoke wallpaper, like the Eskayel Splatter Spell Wallpaper designed by Shanan Campanaro from

Bohemian Grunge Loft: A little bit vintage. A little bit grunge. When it comes to the bohemian grunge lifestyle, nothing’s off limits. Be a home decor fashion rebel and avoid the matchy-matchy vibe at all costs! Create a home decor fashion statement with one of the coolest chairs on the planet: the Walton Leather Armchair by Zinc Door.

The Bohemian Grunge Color Story ~ forget about it! Anything goes, like the Fillmore Leather Ottoman in a distressed olive green leather by Layla Grayce. For home decor fashion accents, go avant-garde with the ultra fab metal chains Arteriors Maxim Chandelier from Zinc Door.


Mother + Daughter Bedrooms

Like mother…like daughter! For the love of mothers & daughters, we wanted to showcase correlating lifestyle bedrooms. Whether you want to express a vintage modern flaire, bohemian fashion or the beauty of natural woods & finishes, here are some fabulous M&D parings to enjoy!

Vintage Modern M&D Bedrooms! Nothing says vintage modern glam like the PoshTots Mambo Ride-On Zebra and the moooi horse floor lamp by Occa-Home. For the high fashion, vintage modern bedroom, create a statement with works of art and craft a haven for peaceful sleep by selecting layers of rich satins pillows & lush glam bedding. We like the timeless quilted Bella Notte Satin Quilted Coverlet and Bella Notte Satin Quilted Throw Pillows (both from PoshTots.) Don’t forget mother-daughter mix-and-match, chandeliers and fabulous works of art. Featured above: PoshTots Black Gingham Rose Chandelier.

Natural M&D Bedrooms! For a more relaxing and calming bedroom, go natural! Blue is a perfect accent color to promote peaceful sleep & relaxation. To add a pop to natural finishes & fabrics, select some patterns & stripes in your rugs and upholstery. We love the festive feel of the Starboard Rug from PoshTots and the botanical feel of the Sasha Arm Chair from Crate&Barrel.

Bohemian M&D Bedrooms! It’s time to have a little fun with home decor fashion! The bohemian lifestyle is all about rich textures, bold colors and an eclectic, unexpected mix of pieces. Go rich with rugs! Choose hand-tufted & hand-made rugs, like the Satara Medallion Wool Rug in Rust from PoshTots. For the true bohemian, make sure to select at least one avant-garde piece, like the Portero Chair and the Julian Relax Chair. Both from Layla Grayce.

Dream Big! Enter our PoshTots Children’s Bedroom Contest by Jan 31st for your chance to win $500, $250 or $125 in store credit from PoshTots. Don’t forget to include at least 5 items from the PoshTots collection for your board to be eligible to win. Click on the link above for all the details. ~ Good Luck!