Add Warmth with Wooden Accents


Create a warm, cozy feel to your space with this hot fall trend. Here are some of my favourites found on Olioboard.

1. Museum of Robots Rocket Salt and Pepper Shakers – All Modern: One blonde and one dark wood shaker with stainless steel fins. A fun addition to any table.
2. Areaware Rhino Box – All Modern
3. Areaware Llama Box – All Modern: I couldn’t choose between the rhino and the llama so I grabbed both. Too cute.
4. Wooden Wall Clock – West Elm: A simple yet striking time-teller brings natural beauty to the walls of any room in your home.
5. Blu Dot Rook Table Lamp – All Modern: Love the contrast of the medium warm wood stain against the crisp white shade.
6. Areaware Hattie the Elephant – All Modern: It appears I am a sucker for wood animals.
7. Tree Trunk Stool – A perfect little side table or an extra seat when you have company over.
8. Snug Martian Dining Stool – All Modern: I love the look of this piece. A bit on the pricey side but a great design non the less.
9. Sphere Table Lamp, Sheesham Base, Natural Linen Shade – West Elm: I loved this lamp when it came out two years ago and I still love it. Richly grained, hand-pieced sheesham wood base with natural linen shade. Doesn’t get much better than that.
10. Wooden Sound System – Urban Outfitters: A sleek and stylish classic sound system with modern functionality

What techniques do you use to add warmth to a space?

Raymor by Roseville. 1950′s Stoneware


I saw the most amazing stoneware in the front window of an interior design shop last week and asked the man behind the desk where I could find it. Turns out I am completely out luck. This particular line is from the 1950′s and is no longer for sale. The Raymor Modern Stoneware line was introduced by Roseville Pottery in 1952. Standard colours are dark brown, avocado, white, gray, and pumpkin. This gorgeous collection designed by freelance designer Ben Seibel, remains one of the most popular patterns with Mid-Century Modern collectors.

The rocking coffee pot is definitely the show stopper. The shape, colour and smooth finish is done to perfection.


Extraordinary Recycled Luggage Furniture


Here’s a great new use for that old luggage you have stored in your home.

Katie Thompson is my new hero. She takes what most people would consider to be useless junk and makes the most amazing line of recycled furniture, lighting and interior accessories. Each recycled piece is given a new life, while infusing the old character. They are stunning to say the least.

Shown above are some of my favourite pieces. You really should have a look at the lighting and accessories collections as well. The Slide Splicer Table Lamp is a must see.


Pretty, Print & Patchwork Pillows


I was looking for some ideas for accent pillows the other day on Olioboard and found these. With the new brands filling our Olioboard library, there were loads to choose from.

This particular collection is more focused on a handcrafted feel. Between the wood block print collages, embroidery and patchwork details, these pillows are just winning me over. My running favourites are the Hot Air Balloon Applique Pillow, the Dorothy cushion (Perfect for my monthly tea parties with the girls) and the Applique Dog In Sunshine Flax Pillow (Love the orange pop).

Click the image below to view the complete set and let me know what your favourites are.

(pillows from: Layla Grayce, Dwell Studio, Laura Ashley)

How to achieve that Coastal Cottage look

Since we are in the middle of holding the Layla Grayce Coastal Cottage Bedroom Design Contest, it seems fitting to do a post on how to acheive this look. I hope you enjoy it.

First thing, don’t feel that bold colours have no place in cottage decor. Yes, more often than not, people use sage, pale blue, yellow, pink, cream and white. It doesn’t mean bold hits of red, black and deep blue don’t belong. On the contrary they can compliment the look. The black in this image actually helps the blue and white pop even more than it would without. Besides, it’s all about what makes you happy and if you like bold colours, add bold colours. You just need to find a way to balance them. That’s the key.

Anything made of glass, drift wood, cork, seagrass etc… will work really well in a coastal cottage design. Natural materials give the space a cozy non pretentious feel. These lamps are perfect as is, but you can also go the extra mile and fill them with beach inspired materials like shells, sand, or maybe even write a little message and stick it in the bottle.

Iron beds… need I say more. I think we can all agree that iron bedframes are a perfect match for coastal decor. If it has a rubbed and tarnished finish, it’s even better. In fact, for
most cottage furniture, the older and more worn it looks, the better. You want pieces that look like they have stood the test of time.

Pastel or floral bedspreads just add to the overall appeal. And if you have a hand me down quilt made by your granny, this is where it belongs.

I know I already talked about glass lamps and filling them with fun things to add to your overall decor but these are the most amazing plants and a great way to display them. For those who haven’t seen these plants before, they are air plants. No soil and they still grow. Don’t be confused by the name ‘air plant’. They still need to be watered. You may have seen them in some decor magazines hanging in glass and porcelain ornaments. These are pretty much the latest craze. Anyway, this is also a cool way to display these fun plants and again the natural element of this design works really with the coastal cottage theme.

White slip covers are one way to instantly achieve that coastal cottage feel and if they are loose and wrinkly on puffy furniture even better. For me, my neat freak attitude would not be able to handle this. Many people love it, but I will always prefer the clean look of a tight back sofa to any slip cover. It’s just the way I am. That said, this definitley will give you the look you are going for.

When considering rugs, be inspired by the beach and pull in a sandy toned sea grass rug. Natural fiber rugs with neutral tones will help compliment the look without fighting for attention.

As much as you can, go to estate sales, garage sales, flea markets and old antique stores to find the the right furniture. You’ll be amazed at what you can find and even more amazed by the prices. Yes, it takes time to go to these places, but it’s worth it.

Cottage furniture is often white, white washed, or painted in pastel colours. Pine furniture is also a staple along with items made from reclaimed wood.

There is nothing more comforting than a warm breeze and sunshine creeping in through an open window, causing white shear curtains to dance around the room. It just gives off an instant feel of relaxation and peace and quiet. You feel like you’re on holiday and the rest of your busy schedule can take a backseat. Grab a book and a coffee and have a quiet moment to yourself.

(images by: abeachcottage, potterybarn, layla grayce)

Tradition Meets Technology with Illustrated Quilt


Katrin Rodegast takes quilting to a whole new level. This quilt is made up of 270 illustrations observing the social reality, connecting traditional quilt art and modern computer technology.

I can’t even imagine how many hours this took to make. Take a moment and have a good look through all the little illustrations that make up this quilt. You’ll be amazed at what she has incorporated into this design.


(photos by: Jack Kulcke)

I think I have a crush on Jonathan Adler

top 5

I was browsing through some of my favourite designers the other day and without fail, Jonathan Adler is still at the top of my list. His pottery collection is like no other. The attention to detail, creativity and just straight up style that he manages to squeeze into each piece, never ceases to amaze me.

If you don’t know about him, here are a few fun facts pulled from his site:

1978 Tries pottery at summer camp while wearing a Rush concert tee. Begs parents to buy him a wheel and kiln.

1980-84 Spends entire adolescence in basement of family’s modern house throwing pots.

1984-89 Allegedly studies semiotics and art history at Brown but actually spends all his time at RISD making pots. Makes quilted line of pottery inspired by Chanel. Evil professor advises him to bag pottery and try a career in law.

1993 Deeply depressed from three long years in the movie business (as anyone would be), quits and returns to the studio to recuperate. Tells parents he wants to be a potter and vows never to have a real job again. Concerned parents schedule an intervention.

1994 Shows pots to Barney’s and gets an order. Realizes he has to make the pots.

1998 Opens a store in Soho.

2001 Bicoastal! Opens store in Los Angeles. Fervently hopes the cast of Friends will stop by. They don’t.

2002 Launches a glamorous new furniture collection and takes on interior design projects. Starts fondling swatches as well as clay.

2004 Kooky creative odyssey continues. Branches out into new categories – bedding, towels, stationery and designs The Parker Palm Springs hotel. Finds it increasingly difficult to make time to watch Law and Order.

2007 Reality TV! Joins the Bravo family as lead judge on Top Design. Wanders the streets in outfits borrowed from the TV show hoping to be recognized. Alas…..

If that doesn’t make you love this man, his work surely will. Above are my top 5 favourites.

If by some strange and amazing chance, Jonathan Adler is actually reading this blog… I think you are amazing and would love to share your collection on Olioboard.

(images: Jonathan Adler)

I like your knobs


Just recently, I did a little road trip down to Seattle with some of my girlfriends. Our first stop was Anthropologie. If you haven’t been to this store you must go, it’s amazing! The decor is very quaint/eclectic/romantic. Does that make sense? Not sure how to describe it, that’s just the vibe I get from the store. Check out the site and see for yourself,

I made an olioboard a couple weeks earlier that included these drawer knobs and had to have them… along with a few other purchases. Aughh!! someone save me from myself. ;P

I’m thinking about re-furbishing some side tables for the bedroom and these knobs are the inspiration. While they would probably look fantastic against some old recycled wood (which I am always a fan of) I’m actually leaning towards painting the side tables a bright red or yellow and lining the inside of the drawers with a bold patterned paper. What do you think? Any suggestions for paper or paint?

(images: Anthropology and Pottery Barn)