Interview with Andrea Edmunds of PoshTots and her thoughts on advertising with Olioboard


Visions of Versailles by Chaoticallycreative (2nd Place Winner)

As many of you may remember, Olioboard and PoshTots paired up to create a 3 week moodboard contest in January, where members were challenged to create stunning children’s bedrooms or nurseries for cash prizes. Both Olioboard and PoshTots were thrilled to see the amazing entries pouring in and the excitment that was created through social channels surrounding both brands.

We decided to interview Andrea Edmunds, the creator of PoshTots, to get her perspective on partnering with Olioboard to help promote her brand.

Our Interview with Andrea:

Why did you choose to work with Olioboard to promote your brand?

We chose Olioboard because many of our customers were already fans of Olioboard and had used Olioboard to create Mood Boards of their nursery using PoshTots products. Also, our designers had used Olioboard previously to create Mood Boards to share with their customers.

What was your experience like working with the Olioboard team?

We absolutely loved working with the team at Olioboard; and their Marketing/PR partner, Leslie. The team is amazing and great at further promoting the brands and the promotion through Social Media. Their aggressive media campaign helped raise more awareness to the promotion between the two brands and increased our Twitter followers as well.

The PoshTots Children’s Bedroom by Marialuisalim (1st Place Winner)

How did you help promote the contest on your end?

We promoted the contest regularly in our newsletters, on our blog and through our Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

From your point of view, what did you think of the overall contest experience? We’re you satisfied with the results?

I felt the contest was a huge success. It certainly helped raise more awareness to our brand as well as gave us extra creative content to use in our newsletters, blog and Facebook Pages. We were definitely satisfied with the results and would love to work with Olioboard again.

What could we do to improve your experience for the next time?

Honestly I can’t think of anything Olioboard could have done to improve the promo for the next time. Your team was great to work with and again the marketing outreach far exceeded my expectations.

My Little Dear by Susan (Runner Up)

Would you recommend Olioboard to other home decor brands looking for more exposure?

I would definitely recommend Olioboard to any home décor brands looking to increase their exposure!!

Did your social media channels like facebook and twitter benefit from the cross promotion?

We could certainly see our Twitter followers increase as a result of the cross promotion. I’m certain FB did as well but Twitter seemed to be on “overdrive” during the promotion. I am personally alerted every time PoshTots is mentioned on Twitter. And my phone was buzzing continuously during the course of the promotion thanks to your team!

Big thanks to Andrea for taking the time to share her thoughts on working with Olioboard.

If you are in the middle of redesigning your child’s bedroom be sure to check out PoshTots collection for quality children’s furniture. If you want to try out the look before you buy it, you can always put a moodboard together on Olioboard.

Bye for now :)