In need of a little sunshine


I don’t know if it’s the long grey winter we’ve had, but lately, I’m completely drawn to yellow. I live in Vancouver and the winter is literally months of grey, damp days so I guess it makes sense to be drawn to something that reminds you warmer, sunny days are just around the corner.

To be completely honest it all started with the flower petal, yellow pillow. I LOVE IT!!! It was uploaded to Olioboard a while ago and I have had my eye on it ever since. Unfortunately there was no information attached to the image about where to buy it. Anyone know what brand it is? I would love to get a couple of these. This little pillow seems to have triggered a love for all things yellow so here is a set for anyone else out there in need of a pick me up.

Since I was on such a creative kick, I decided to create an Olioboard using my lovely new collection. The bright, yellow barn door just completes this room for me. It adds a fun and unexpected element to the design that just draws your eye in.

If you’re going to use a bold yellow in your design, pairing it with charcoal grey can give your room a clean, modern look and balance out the colour scheme. Collect the set and try it out for yourself.