Birds of a feather trend together


Birds — they have taken over the industries of fashion, jewellery and home decor. So why birds? Maybe it’s because there’s so much for the taking when it comes to inspiration. Whether it’s the beautiful colour combinations of their feathers, the soft textures, the abstract patterns or their natural elegance, birds provide a great jumping off point for any creative endeavour.

For more on this trend, checkout this detailed in-depth blog post on the trending of our feathered friends.

You’ll find no complaints here. I’m a huge fan of owls and so this trend has already prompted a few puchases for me. The owl hooks from above are hanging proudly on the back of my bedroom door.

If you’re enjoying this trend as much as I am, here’s a set to get you started. Happy Olioboarding

(images: West Elm, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters)