6 Steps to Successfully Design a Space: Step 6 – Bringing it All Together


Now that we are at the final step, it’s time to bring everything together from the 5 previous stages. Grab the items you chose to keep and the ones you plan on altering. Pull out the floor plans. Open up your Olioboard account and view the items you collected. Print them out if it helps. Gather any floor, paint, fabric and other samples you collected. Tape that budget to the wall and keep referring to it. Get it all into one room, spread it out and take a good look.

How does everything work together? Do you have bold patterns competing with each other? Should you consider adding more solid fabrics for a bit of balance? If you love the wallpaper you have chosen, but you can’t afford to cover all the walls, maybe create a fantastic accent wall instead. This step will take some time to really narrow everything down to the best possible collection and you’ll probably still make a number of hard decisions before finalizing on your design. Take deep breaths and don’t put to much pressure on yourself to get everything finished as quickly as possible. Instead, set yourself a design schedule. It will help keep you on track, while breaking the process down into achievable steps.

Set aside days for painting, ordering items, laying floor, etc… When you only have one or two tasks to complete within a day, everything will seem much more manageable.

I don’t know about you, but when I get to physically scratch something off my to do list, I feel ten times happier. It’s a weird sense of accomplishment and helps me feel like I am moving forward.

That’s it for this series — I hope these six steps will help you in approaching your next design project. Good luck and happy designing!