30 designs in 30 days


For the month of June, I have decided to challenge myself with creating 30 olioboard designs in 30 days. It should be a great lesson in exploring different styles, colour palettes, trends, and more. This is Olioboard number 1. I wanted to create a living and dining space with a touch of the WOW factor. Something very glamorous and sophisticated. The image above is the full version of the moodboard. Below are some blown up sections to show you a bit more of the detail. Let me know what you think!

First off, I can’t even tell you how much I love the dining chairs. The Continuum Fret Back Dining Chair with the high gloss ebony veneer, and deep upholstered cushion add a touch of class and comfort to the dining experience.

For me the fabric is a no brainer. I love the scale of the pattern, the floral details and the creamy grey colour scheme. I think it could be used to create a fantastic accent wall behind the table or as eye catching accent pillows or chair cushions (by the way, if anyone knows where to get this fabric, please let me know).

For storage I opted for the Hager Mirrored Chest. I think the mirrored chest helps add a touch of glam and sparkle to the room by reflecting the light and the other beautiful pieces of furniture that make up this design.

The sofa and accent chairs where chosen for their gorgeous high gloss veneer frames, rich fabrics and classic style.

I wanted to stay away from the boxy feel that most side tables have today and instead use something a little more conversation worthy. I think both these side tables achieve that. The horn and antler inspired legs are an unexpected surprise and work well with the overall design.

If you are going glam, you can’t go wrong with marble. The large round marble top of the coffee table helps complete the upscale feel of this space.

One down and 29 to go. I hope you enjoy them.