Design 27: Little Monsters Nursery


I’ve designed most spaces found in a house for this 30 moodboards in 30 days challenge, but had yet to design a nursery. So here it is.

I like the no frills approach to this nursery. Not to knock frills or anything. They work for others, but not for me. This more modern nursery is much more my style. I like the clean lines and neutral colours of the furniture. It allows all the fun accessories like the knitted monsters, artwork and accent pillows to take the spotlight.

I also like nursery designs that work for both boys and girls. Who’s to say that girls like pink and boys like blue. As long as the space is friendly and inviting, it’s doing it’s job.

You may recognize the lamps from the last design. They are one of my new favourites. You can create your own by mixing and matching colours to fit your colour schemes.