Design Your Perfect Room with One Kings Lane and your could WIN one of three giftcards up to $400.

IMPORTANT: Be Sure To Follow This Contest Requirement.

When choosing your 6 items, be sure to use items from the OKL collection found on Olioboard here on within the moodboard creator under the brand tab. It is the only way we can prove that the entries are eligible. I know that some of you have uploaded OKL products to your account to use them in your designs but at this time, personally uploaded items do not show on board detail pages, meaning we cannot see which are from OKL and which aren’t.

If you have already entered the contest and grabbed items from One Kings Lane site using our browser clipper, please update by using items found in the Olioboard OKL collection to ensure you’re considered during the selection of winners. We have just added in more products from OKL today so likely many of the ones you’ve personally uploaded with our browser clipper are now available on

Sorry for any confusion and good luck!

Shower Curtain Sale $89 to $60 (32% OFF)

Need a stylish update for your bathroom. Make a quick and easy change with a fun new shower curtain. Take advantage of the shower curtain sale on right now. Each of these beauties are currently on sale from $89 to $60 (32% off). Which one is your favourite!

Click the image above to link through and purchase yours before they’re all gone!

Charity Causes OlioHop Round-up and a special surprise!


Instead of running one of our regular Oliohops this month and having bloggers develop a plan for a brand new space, we decided to take some time to recognize some of our amazing members for the work they do to help others. In this Oliohop we share ten amazing designs by 10 wonderful designers for 10 worthy causes.

And now for the round-up!

Jaime Rummerfield ‘s Charity Cause: Mattel’s Children’s Hospital at UCLA

Jaime and Ron are two amazing designers that are thrilled to be a part of the top drawer designers enlisted to contribute to the inaugural Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA Dollhouse Project. This event and the auctioning of the incredible fantasy doll houses they are designing will benefit the hospital and the newly launched Children’s Discovery and Innovation Institute, a new initiative to promote collaborative research and innovation in pediatric medicine. The charity’s hope is to raise awareness in the community of the incredible resource we have in Mattel and to spread the word about all of the cutting edge pediatric treatment and research being done at the hospital.

We are proud to share a sneak peek of their high style “Malibu” beach house concept in an Olioboard collage.

Patti Johnson ‘s Charity Cause: Dayton Philharmonic Association Showhouse

The Dayton Philharmonic Volunteer Association, (#DPVA) a non-profit volunteer association is sponsoring an incredible Designer ShowHouse and Gardens to raise funds to provide musical programs, instruments and education for children throughout the Dayton and Central Ohio areas. Since 1934, the Dayton Philharmonic has provided an introduction to the wonders of classical music through its man­y Education Programs and serves over 50,000 kids in twelve counties.

As a new member of the Dayton Philharmonic Volunteer Association, Patti feels privileged to be part of this year’s wonderful ShowHouse. Above is Patti’s virtual vision of the main living room.

Olivia Millwood ‘s Charity Cause: Haiti Orphan Help

Help 4 Haiti began about 3 years ago right after the earthquake occurred in Haiti. Olivia’s father went to Haiti about two months after the earthquake took place to try and help rebuild and minister to the people there. After her father returned he began sharing his passion for helping those in Haiti to rebuild and have a better future. The family began Help 4 Haiti on Facebook and soon after started a twitter account @HaitiOrphanHelp. Their mission is to help feed and support 175+ orphans in Haiti.

We are pleased to share Olivia’s dreams for a future orphanage that she hopes to help build this December in Onaville Haiti.

Donate online to Help 4 Haiti:

Lynda Quintero-Davids ‘s Charity Cause: Housing Works’ *Design On a Dime* benefit

Lynda’s love for thrift and design is a perfect match for the Housing Works’ *Design On a Dime* Benefit which marries both thrift and design to create a wonderful charity to support.

Housing Works is a Non-Profit organization committed to ending the twin crises of AIDS and homelessness. Housing Works believes that all people have the right to a rich and empowering life and raises money through donated goods at their 12 Housing Works Thrift shops locations in NYC/Brooklyn. They sell vintage and contemporary goods to fashionable bargain hunters. 100% of their proceeds fund their fight to end AIDS and homelessness

To further increase awareness, Housing Works launched a charity event called the Design On A Dime Benefit. Design on a Dime (DOAD) features more than 50 of the world’s top interior designers, who create unforgettable room vignettes with new merchandise, which is donated and then sold for 50 to 70 percent off retail pricing.

Check out Lynda’s full post to see amazing Design on a Dime vignettes by well known designer Patrick J Hamilton. While you’re at it, be sure to check out Lynda’s top ten tips for creating your own vignettes on Olioboard.

Laurie Chambers Laizure ‘s Charity Cause: The Little Engine Learning Center

What perfect timing. Customized Walls was recently approached by a non-profit who is starting a Pre-School for children with learning differences called The Little Engine Learning Center. Children with autism spectrum disorders can be sensitive to light, sound, and touch and addressing those needs in a pre-school environment is an innovative idea that will really help this community.

Shortly after, Olioboard asked her to participate in our Charity Blog Hop. Funny how timing works and what a great chance to draw attention to this wonderful cause. Here’s a look at Laurie’s design with a little help from Eric Schimelpfenig of to help create a 3D model of the space with their initial wall mural design.

Super talented James Bedell of , NYC contract lighting designer is also on board to help get donations of LED panels that can be installed behind our fabric wall murals which will make these skies light up and gradually turn to night throughout the day. LOVE IT!!!!

Erika Hollingshead Ward ‘s Charity Cause: Room Service Atlanta

We are so pleased to include the talented Erika Ward and Room Service Atlanta in this months blog hop. Last Fall, Room Service Atlanta gathered 20 interior designers and a host of generous vendors and suppliers to completely transform the Sam Bell Cottage. Located on the campus of the United Methodist Children’s Home in Decatur, Georgia, the Sam Bell Cottage houses young men ages 17-21 who are a part of the Transitional Living Program. This program provides young adults with the tools they need to succeed as they progress into independent living.

Building upon the success of Sam Bell Cottage, a high-spirited Open House, and well-attended wrap up party the team has resolved to give the girls’ cottage a makeover as well!

For more information and to learn how you can help, check out Erika’s full post here.

Kim Turner of Dwell With Dignity ‘s Charity Cause: Dwell With Dignity

Dwell with Dignity is a wonderful non-profit group of Interior Designers and volunteers dedicated to creating soothing, inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty. They provide and install home interiors for families that include furnishings and art, bedding and kitchen supplies, and food in the pantry.

“If we can change a person’s surroundings, we can change their outlook on life. Exposing children (especially) to a nurturing home environment, that includes good design and art, can inspire a standard of living that will carry-over to future generations. Exposing parents to this same environment will allow them to see the positive impact it has on their family; inspiring them to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and thrive in.” – Kim Turner

Check out Kim’s full post so see a number of their fantastic designs and to learn more about how you can help out.

Vanessa de Vargas’s Charity Cause: The Teen Project ‘s New Rehab Center

Another fantastic charity that we are happy to share in this hop is the The Teen Project’s Charity. Their goal is to provide teens aging out of the foster care system with all of the resources and support of an intact family, to allow the greatest opportunity for a successful transition to adulthood.

With over 150 beds to to fill and meeting rooms, offices, kitchen areas, lobby and more to design, they have their work cut out for them. Right now they are looking for designers to come aboard as well as looking for lots of bedroom and living room furniture. Check out Vanessa’s blog to learn more on how you can help.

Donna Vining ‘s Charity Cause: Preservation Houston

This talented lady just recently participated in Preservation Houston’s first ever show home, The Villa de Luxe Designer Show House 2013, presented by Luxe Interiors + Design. This Mediterranean Revival style home was built in the 1920′s by architect William Ward Watkin and thanks to Donna, now has a beautifully redesigned master bedroom. We’re loving the lavender and metallic wall treatment. Check out the full post to see several sneak peek shots of Donna’s actual room in Villa de Luxe Designer Show House.

Lynn Byrne ‘s Charity Cause: Bartow Pell Museum

If you love the setting and romance of Downton Abbey, then Lynn is certain that you will be charmed by this stately and historic home. There is stunning architectural detail, beautiful period furniture and lovely grounds that feature a walled garden designed by famed architectural firm, Delano and Aldrich.

But Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum is not just another pretty house. It is a true oasis for its local Bronx constituency. School children visit weekly. In addition, there are regular concerts and lectures, and its holiday celebrations are legendary. Outdoors on the grounds, city kids can actually dig in the dirt to plant their own vegetables. And that’s just scratching the surface regarding the mansion’s programming.

Unfortunately, Bartow-Pell has no money in its small operating budget for repairs to the inside of the mansion. Some years back, the kind folks at Benjamin Moore (a site partner with Olioboard) assisted Bartow-Pell with paint analysis. At that time, Benjamin Moore identified the paint colors shown above. You can imagine that the paint, period-appropriate drapery, trim and a new artisan handcrafted floor cloth will require a fair amount of funding so every little bit helps. View the full post for all the details on this worthwhile cause.

And now I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Lamps Plus for graciously donating $250 to each of the ten bloggers to give to their charities. We are so pleased to see our brand partners collaborating with our community members in a positive and meaningful way. Thank you Lamps Plus!

A big thanks to all ten ladies for their amazing work with these charities and for taking even more time out of their schedules to share that work in our oliohop. We are very proud to help bring awareness to your causes and hope that this oliohop helps to do just that.

Sitting down for a chat with Tobi Fairley


Traditional Home Magazine predicts “Tobi will be like Cher or Oprah- of those women for whom one name says it all”. Selected as one of Traditional Home’s Top 20 Young Designers in America, Tobi Fairley has a signature look that is fresh and simple combining colorful, large-scale prints with classic furniture styles for a beautiful and functional result.

Today we feature our interview with Tobi and how she uses Olioboard as a tool for her design business.

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.
I’m a businesswoman in a creative field who loves to find innovative solutions for my clients, whether I’m designing their home or coaching them about transforming their business. My interior design work is (for me) all about exciting fabric pairings and fearless use of color and pattern. My consulting work is motivated by my desire to inspire people to ditch their self-defeating ways of thinking and living in order to embrace the potential we all hold to achieve the things we truly want in life.

2. What’s your preferred way to start a new project? How do you typically get inspired and creative in the early stages?
A gorgeous fabric with a great color palette and an interesting pattern is usually my starting point, but not always. My sources of inspiration are VERY diverse, and thanks to Pinterest I no longer live buried in magazine clippings! Travel and music are other very vital sources of inspiration for me!

3. Prior to Olioboard, how did you present design direction ideas to your clients?
My design team was mostly creating digital presentation images in Microsoft Power Point, and if we needed a perspective drawing or elevation we used AutoCAD or did a hand rendering. These are tools we still use, but Olioboard presents us with another great tool that is perfect in certain situations.

4. Can you name 3 ways in which Olioboard has become a useful tool for your interior design business?
We use Olioboard to give a client an idea of the mood we’ve envisioned for a space by making a digital inspiration board. We use Olioboard to create a perspective image of a design and then trace over that image to create a more precise and gorgeous hand rendering for our clients. I’ve also encouraged designers I’m coaching who might not yet have a full portfolio of professional photos to use Olioboard designs to demonstrate their skill to prospective clients.

5. How have your clients reacted to Olioboard as a presentation tool?
They love it! It looks fresh and dynamic, and of course they love the accessibility.

6. In addition to the Olioboard Pro Plan (which includes a color scheme tool, text tool and budget tool), what features or improvements would make your life as a designer easier?
Olioboard is already such great tool to use! The only thing I might add is a measuring feature. You can usually eyeball the sizes but sometimes a measuring tool can be useful. It could help bring the drawings closer to “scale.”

7. What are three time saving / creative tips you would give to designers and members just starting to use Olioboard?
First, Add the Olioboard button “Add to Olioboard” to your bookmark bar! It is the best! You can upload images to Olioboard in an instant. And the best part is it adds the URL, price, etc. all in one click! Second, arrange your items into sets to keep you organized! Instead of always scrolling through all of your items, you can search by the sets. And lastly, if you are using Olioboard as a guideline to trace for presentation, don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t worry about cropping images or color palettes because when you trace you can add in the color you want and ignore the background of items if it isn’t needed. It’s a major time-saver!

Win a chance to attend one of Tobi’s design camps!
Be sure to stay tuned for exciting upcoming contests on Olioboard where you will have the chance to win passes to Tobi’s new design camps. She is a wealth of knowledge on all things design and in these camps she shares her lessons and experiences to help you take your design business to the next level.

Keep checking in for this amazing opportunity!

The Home Staging Oliohop Round-Up

Stephanie Weeks at Interior Design HQ

We’re loving Stephanie’s oliohop post for her great do’s and don’ts when staging a home. There are so many things that you might not think to be important when staging a home. Be sure to check out her tips to make sure you are not hurting your chances of a sale. The beautiful colour scheme she has created in her design is calming and comfortable making the home feel inviting to possible buyers. Great work Stephanie. Thanks for joining our January hop. P.S. I’m in love with the sofa and coffee table!

Marilyn G Russell at Design Magnifique

“It can be overwhelming for a potential buyer to walk into a large and not-so-usual square space. At that very moment the buyer is thinking, nice space but what do I do with it or how do I fit my furniture into this space. The trick here is to show them how they could maximize every inch of this space by creating livable and engaging clusters of furniture. Creating separate workable areas in one space with flow is a perfect solution.” – Marilyn. This and many more tips on color and exterior staging can be found in this great post.

Linda Merrill from Chameleon Interiors

As a designer, how should you present your staged concepts to your homeowner to help them visualize the space? Just follow Linda’s lead. We are loving her inspiration boards comprised of the olioboard that shows her vision, a call out of major design elements that are needed to complete the look, pricing and more. This board can be saved as a jpg and easily sent to the owner by email. If you are running an e-design platform and have customers that are miles away, this is the perfect solution. It simplifies the presentation process for you and the client is happy with the fast turnaround.

Lisa Mende from Lisa Mende Design

Staging a home 101. Lisa breaks it down into easy to follow steps including removing personal items and clutter, cutting down on the furniture to make the rooms feel larger and helping buyers see the value in each space. Multiple before and after shots clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of her tips. Love your final trick Lisa. “Always have a couple large laundry baskets in the garage, for those times you get the spur of the moment call to show the house. You can gather any piles of mail, errant clothing, or other messes and load them into your car to take with you. It’s a quick way to straighten your house and do away with any messes.” Brilliant.

Frances Newman from As You Like It

When a home sits on the market for a year with no offers what do you do. You call in Frances. This post of an actual staging project shows how the right design can change that “For Sale” sign out front to a “Sale Pending” sign. After Frances transformed this home, it received multiple offers within 22 days. If that is not a ringing endorsement for staging and hiring a professional like Frances, I don’t know what is. On a side note, way to go Frances for taking a chance on a bold color scheme that clearly paid off!

Ronique Gibson from Stagetecture

The most difficult rooms to sell to a potential home buyer are the rooms that a homeowner has personalized ‘too much’. While it’s fine to showcase your favorite colors, hobbies, and interests in your home, the moment you decide to put your home up for sale – it must no longer be about your needs and wants. It can be hard for a potential buyer to envision themselves in a space when it is so clearly designed or someone else. In this post Ronique takes on the most personal space of all – the mancave. Follow Ronique as she takes this overly personalized room and changes it into a family friendly room that could be appealing to potential home buyers.

Designer Marketplace

First off, I would like to say thank you to Designer Marketplace for participating in our January Oliohop. Thank you so much for the beautiful write up on Olioboard. We appreciate all the support you have given us and we are very excited for the West Elm Q&A Olioboard event tonight in Vancouver.
If you are a fan of color, you will love the staging design DM created for this Oliohop. The red color breaths life and energy into the space without detracting from the beautiful architectural details of the home. When you have architectural elements like these, you want to show them off as much as possible to highlight the attention to detail that went into the build of the home.

Lynda Quintero Davids from Focal Point Blog

Lynda’s post is about a listing she saw in 2010. Using it as a backdrop, she shows us her take on staging the home for sale. What’s fantastic about this post is that Lynda also shows how the home was actually staged for resale in 2012. Two staging options for one home. Follow her blog post as she walks us through her decisions from room to room on staging this home and then compare her beautiful design to the actual staging of the home. Fantastic tips and absolutely beautiful moodboard designs.

Kristie Barnett from The Decorologist

As a stager, sometimes you are limited to the items you have available from a particular rental company. But as Kristie shows us, you are not limited when you are virtually staging with Olioboard. Kristie’s fantastic explanation and walk-through of her boards helps us understand the psychology behind the design that can help buyers visualize themselves in the space.

Roslyn Ashford from Ra Redoes Rooms

Staging small spaces can be a challenge. You don’t want the place to look cramped and cluttered. Choosing appropriate furniture and designing a floor plan with flow is key. Roslyn’s small rowhome project is the perfect example of how to make the most of a tiny space. We love how Roslyn was able to use Olioboard to create a moodboard for the space which she then used as a guide to finish the actual project. Love the colors Roslyn.

The Holiday Style File OlioHop Round Up

By Lynda Quintero Davids from Focal Point Blog

This is just one of many boards created by Lynda for our Holiday Style File Blog Hop. If you have not yet seen her post, it is a must see. Not only did she create a number of simply gorgeous moodboards, but she’s also a DIY encyclopedia when it comes to fantastic holiday decorating tips. One of my favourites is the knit candle cozy made from a leg warmer. There is no way you are leaving that post without a handful of great holiday projects. View Her Post

By Andie Day from Andie Day LifeStyle Blog

Andie throws tradition to the wind with her Oliohop design and we are loving her for it. The bright colours and slick modern furniture provide a fun and relaxed environment that is perfect for entertaining. Hands down, the show stopping piece in this design has to be the Boca Do Lobo Oporto Cabinet. Intricately designed, this cutting edge piece was inspired by the city of Porto and the rhythmic undulating of its black slate roof tops and building facades. Through reflection ingredients such as decontextualization, irony, drama and extravagance were added and Oporto came to life. The cabinet is sheathed in individual scales which are finished in a silver leaf with a high gloss varnish. Its doors feature openings which are spanned with a metal mesh. View Her Post

By Tobi Fairley from Tobi Fairley Blog

From tree decorating, to baking, to table top decor and gift wrapping, Tobi covers everything you will need to know about decorating for the holidays. We loved seeing the combination of Tobi’s and her mother’s distinct design styles sitting side by side in this blog post. Design sense just runs wild in their family. Be sure to check out the pink Christmas tree with the super cute monkey ornaments. View Her Post

By Jane Gianarelli from Embrace Your Inner Snob

If you are looking to make a big statement on a modest budget, check out Jane’s blog post. Using great paint colours, she is able to create a unified pretty in pastel table top design. As Jane shows us, you can paint pretty much anything from pearl necklaces, to books, to dishware and more. Start thinking outside of the box with Jane and you will be surprised at what you can achieve on a modest budget.

What we are loving the most in Jane’s Olioboard design is her fantastic idea of adding close-up’s to show the details in the items. What a great way to highlight products and their interesting qualities. View Her Post

By Sarah Gunn from Yummy Mummy Club

Looks like robin egg blue is a popular colour this season. We saw it in Jane’s post above and Sarah shows us a cute combination of robin egg blue and red for this adorable nursery design. This is one of my favourite colour combinations that works perfectly into the holidays. The knit poufs, cute kiddy pillows and artwork make this a comfortable and loving nursery design. View Her Post

By Lisa Mende from Lisa Mende Design

We are excited to welcome Lisa Mende, winner of the High Point Market Style Spotter Contest to our Holiday Style Oliohop. Lisa is no slouch when it comes to great holiday decorating tips. This masculine design is one small part of her fantastic blog post and you will definitely want to check out her design for the ladies. Lisa’s holiday tips include eveything from shopping for ribbon to create cohesive and beautiful colour schemes, to accent pillows, scents, fires and more. Lisa helps us create the full holiday experience by catering to all five senses. View Her Post

By Allie Phillips from Allie Cat 4 Ever

Allie is currently a student at Sheffield Design school but we have a feeling this lady will have no problems landing clients when she graduates. Allie has been a long time Olioboard member who just continually blows us away with her design abilities and she continues to do so in this blog post. While we are loving the olioboard above, there is much more to see over at her blog. Be sure to click through for beautiful designs including the following colour schemes: all white, icy blue and our favourite the black and white holiday colour theme. View Her Post

By Jennifer Reynolds from Jennifer Reynolds Interiors

It is official, red and teal are the trending holiday colours. In this great post, Jennifer shows us how to take what we already have and make small changes to tie in the holiday spirit. As Jennifer shows us, gift wrapping paper and ribbons are not just for wrapping presents. We love how she uses wrapping paper on her books to dress up bookcases and tie the holiday theme into unexpected places. View Her Post

Kimberly Ward from Pink EggShell

A mix of metallics and festive star burst mirrors are perfect for holiday decor. Sometimes simple and classic colour schemes are what it’s all about and Kimberly proves it with her festive design. Nothing says Christmas more than traditional red and white but the minimal style brings in a modern touch. A simply decorated Christmas tree and solid white gift wrap paper with oversized red ribbons blend in beautifully for a clean festive look. What we love is the little touch of gold to make the whole room sparkle. View Her Post

Leigh-Ann Allaire from Benjamin Moore’s Colour Chats Blog

For all ice princes and princesses. Leigh-Ann’s design plays off of the season and brings the outside in for a beautiful icy blue design. This is a perfect example of how you can take various shades of colour and mix and match them to create a beautiful monotone colour scheme. The snowflake strands that hang down the floor to ceiling glass wall, work perfectly with the outside in theme. View Her Post

Holiday Decor Contest Wrap Up

Big thanks to all who entered the My Two Designers Holiday Decor Design Contest on Olioboard.

Congratulations to our grand prize winner Cre8 who will receive a $1,000 shopping spree on

As a thank you to all who entered the contest, My Two Designers would like to offer a 20% off promo code which you will receive via email. Be sure to use this code before December 31st to get your discount.

Here are just a few of the other spectacular entries that we thought deserved and honourable mention.

A South Beach Christmas by Tikib
Tikib’s take on and intimate holiday party for friends at a Miami condo won us over with it’s slick modern look and cool blue colour scheme. Beautiful work Tikib!

Christmas Blue and Gold by Kari2011
I just love that tree! The classic colours and furniture style is a winning combination in Kari2011′s Blue and Gold design.

Purple Xmas by Swimen
If you are not a fan of traditional colours and you are looking to spice up your holiday decor this year, take a look at this gorgeous design. Swimen’s bold purple and gold design adds a touch of glitz and glam to the holiday season.

Big thanks to our wonderful judge Jill Seidner the Los Angeles Editor of and owner of Jill Seidner Interior Design, which handles both residential and commercial projects. Jill is also available for on site design consultations & online design services for anyone, anywhere. Her work is simply beautiful. You can see some of her projects showcased on her blog here.

Last but definitely not least, we would like to say thank you to our wonderful sponsor My Two Designers for sponsoring this fun design challenge. Be sure to make good use of the 20% discount for entering the contest. Their collection is breathtaking. We’re sure you will be able to find something that matches your style.

Win a $10,000 SHOPPING SPREE courtesy of and Olioboard

Olioboard and have partnered up to help you with your holiday shopping this season. We’re running a contest where entrants can create their very own holiday wish lists that they can save, shop and share.

Now here’s the exciting part. Everytime a board is voted on or shared on facebook, twitter or by email, we add an extra ballot for that board to the grand prize draw of a $10,000 HAYNEEDLE.COM SHOPPING SPREE!

Head over to to create your wish list now and don’t forget to vote and share daily to increase your chances of winning $10,000.

While you’re at it don’t forget to send your personal holiday wish lists to family members and friends to let them know what you want this season. Anyone who receives your wishlist will be able to shop directly from it. Better yet, tell your family members and friends to create their own holiday wish lists and send them to you so you know what they are hoping for. If you dread the shopping malls as much as I do this time of year, grab a soft sofa, a cup of hot chocolate, your laptop and get that shopping done with a click of your finger. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you got the right gift for someone this year with none of the hassle.

Above all else, have fun this season, spend time with family and friends and don’t let the scrooges get you down!

Enter the Layla Grayce Design Your Dream Dining Room Contest *Win up to $1,000*

Make your dream dining room a reality with a moodboard that expresses your unique style, and you may find yourself winning big!

Through November, Olioboard is partnering with Layla Grayce for a series of contests. We are now on our forth and final design challenge where members must create their dream dining space using anything they desire from Layla Grayce. Please note that this contest is not held on To enter you must go here.

The top three winners – chosen exclusively by our friend, designer Tobi Fairley – will earn cash prizes of $1,000, $500 and $250. *Remember to use at least two products from the contest’s sponsor Arteriors to be eligible to win.

May the best design enthusiast win!

How to Enter:

1: Click on the ‘Join Now’ button located in the top right corner of the Contest Page. Fill out the form and click ‘Create Account.’

2: Once your account is created, click “Add an Entry’ to begin.

3: After the moodboard creator is open, pull items onto the canvas from the right-side panel to create your design. Save your entry by hitting the ‘Save Draft’ button in the top right.

4: To add your design to the Contest, visit the Contest Page and click ‘Add an Entry’ and select the board you wish to enter by clicking the ‘Click to Add’ button. Alternatively, you can click ‘Publish’ directly from the creation screen during the creation process.

5: Share your moodboard on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more votes! Our judge will choose the Grand Prize Winner and Runners Up from among the most popular moodboards.

Good luck to everyone!.

Here’s a look at some of the entries currently in the challenge.

Fresh and Fabulous by Designer4Life

In all three of the boards I have chosen to share with you, it was the seating that won me over the most. In this design we get a fresh take on seating and I love it. It’s so inviting and cozy and perfect for long conversations with good friends. This has ladies night written all over it with a Sex in the City vibe. Loving the Arteriors Duke 4 Light Iron/Glass Chandelier.

Dinner With A View by Allie

Seaside dining at it’s best. The color scheme in this design is one of my favorites. This beautiful open space with floor to ceiling large windows lets you enjoy your surroundings while dining on delicious food. The choice of comfortable upholstered chairs like the Layla Grayce Descanso Chairs is ideal. If I had a dining room like this to enjoy, I would want to stay a while and take in the view in comfort.

Garden Room by Akdunlap

Who wouldn’t want to dine here. The French Market Collection Chairs are a perfect fit for this design. I love the aged look of the space and how Akdulap was able to bring the garden in. I want to have afternoon tea here. Anyone want to join me.

Learn About Design From A to Z with Tobi Fairley’s Design Camp


If you love design, it just doesn’t get better than practical training in creating gorgeous interiors AND schmoozing with the design elite at the same time. We are very proud to be sponsoring Tobi’s Design Camps where attendee’s learn invaluable tips and tricks to help them succeed in design and with their own interior design businesses.

This three day design camp starting Nov 7th will be no different. Check out the amazing line up of speakers and giveaways.

Designer and friend of Tobi’s, Amanda Nisbet is coming to camp! Amanda is an amazing interior designer who creates interiors with lots of energy that feel fresh and cleverly-layered. Amanda also has her own line of textiles (available through Holland & Sherry showrooms, Harbinger (L.A.), Travis (ATL), and Tigger Hall (Australia)), a lighting collection with The Urban Electric Co., and two rug collections (!!!). She’s received a TON of attention around her signature aesthetic, including publication in House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Veranda, Coastal Living, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Oprah At Home! There’s been a boost in the buzz lately surrounding the release of her beautiful new book, Dazzling Design. Amanda is not only a brilliant designer but a savvy business woman learn from.

All attendees of this camp will receive a signed copy of Amanda’s book as a special gift.

Another speaker attending this round of Design Camp AtoZ is the wonderful Scot Meacham. Wood. You probably already follow Scot’s wildly popular blog, The Adventures of Tartan Scot. He’s a tartan lover, a runner, and he collects antique china. He will be speaking specifically about his technique of choosing finishes for a room, so that things stay layered and diverse without getting distracting and chaotic.

As design enthusiasts, many of you are interested in and want the scoop on High Point Market. Look no further because Cheminne Taylor, the Vice President of Marketing at the High Point Market Authority is coming to camp. You’re not likely to meet anyone more familiar with the design industry from ALL angles. She has over two decades of experience in home furnishings, as well as experience working with Margaret Russell at Elle Decor.

Interior designer Kathryn Greeley will also be leading the campers in search of the state’s finest pieces AGAIN! Kathryn is known for her passion for entertaining and for creating and displaying magnificent collections, through her features on the Tobi Fairley blog and on the pages of Traditional Home, on Martha Stewart Radio and on P. Allen Smith’s radio show. Attendees of camp will get her expert advice on how and where to find the antique pieces that will make their room look “collected, not decorated.” All who attend the Antique Trip will also receive a signed copy of her book, The Collected Tabletop!

What a line up. We could not be happier to be participating as a sponsor and to show our support of the camps, all attendee’s will also receive 6 months free use of the Olioboard Pro Plan.

To those attending this camp, we are sure you are going to have a blast and find invaluable information to help you and your design business grow. If you didn’t get a chance to attend this camp, don’t worry, there are more to come. You might even find yourself a chance to win a spot at one of Tobi’s camps in the very near future if you follow along with Olioboard. Keep your ears and eyes open for more on this amazing opportunity.

To learn much more about the content of this crash-course in the basics of interior design, CLICK HERE. It has been a major motivator and source of inspiration to design professionals and enthusiasts alike!